Picks are a type of blunt melee weapon featured in Dying Light.

In general, they are solid one-handed weapons with decent speed and damage. It's recommended to use these weapons in the early game against enemies such as Biters. They are also usable against faster targets, but don't do well compared to faster weapons.


There are nine variants of Pick in the base game:

Antique Pick
  • Remarkable Antique Pick
Climber Pick
  • Exceptional Climber Pick
Crude Pick
  • Superior Crude Pick
Iron Pick
  • Remarkable Iron Pick
Primitive Pick N/A

The Following adds seven new Picks:

Climber Pick
  • Berg Pick
  • Cliff Pick
  • Extravagant Climber Pick
  • Heavy Duty Pick
  • Legendary Climber Pick
  • Mountain Pick
  • Solid Pick


  • In real life, Picks are varied in terms of usage. In general, they are used as both tools and weapons.
    • The Ice Axe (known as the Climber Pick in-game) were used by mountaineers for hiking and climbing, especially for routes involving snow and/or ice.
    • The Horseman's Pick (known as the Iron Pick in-game) were used by Calvary during the Middle Ages in Europe and Indo-Persia for use of penetrating thick armor and mail. Interesting fact is that horseman's picks that were made out of metal were called Nadziaks.
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