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"I know not who can hear my voice, I shall therefore speak a word up to hear. Anyone who dares to steal food will be hanged, and their bodies will be exposed."
Peacekeeper Preacher

"Once, they were guardians of order. Today, they are but bandits in uniforms."

The Peacekeepers are a Faction in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


"They consider themselves righteous protectors. They're good at killing infected, so you have to give them credit for that... But their 'righteousness' does come with a price. Their 'protection' of the Bazaar is more like an occupation. You play by their rules, or you're fucked."
- Hakon

A Peacekeeper guardpost. Guardposts are located near the borders of Peacekeeper territory and are manned by two soldiers. Note the Faction insignia.

The Peacekeepers are one of three main Factions in Villedor. They are a military-like organization that seeks to establish law and order throughout the city. The group frequently capitalizes on their manpower and vast resources to achieve their goals, aiming to re-introduce a fully functioning government to the new world.

Following the deterioration in the military's command structure during The Fall, a significant portion of the stationed Army detachment in Villedor declared themselves independent from the directions of their Colonel, Chris Williams. Under the new command of Major Jack Matt, the group referred to themselves as the Peacekeepers and subsequently engaged in a lengthy and bloody civil war with the Colonel's remaining loyalists, later known as the Renegades.  

The Peacekeepers are mainly focused in Quarry End and The Wharf, although the player can grant them territorial expansions in Houndfield, Horseshoe, Downtown, Garrison, Muddy Grounds, Saint Paul Island and the Lower Dam Ayre.

The Terminal Station serves as the Peacekeepers center of activity in Old Villedor, while the PK Floating Fortress is an equal equivalent for the Central Loop. Smaller establishments encountered in Peacekeeper territory include Guardposts, Outpost Towers, Breweries, Cadet Academies, Smokehouses, Uniform Workshops and Forward Operating Posts.

GameSpot Expert Reviews


"The Peacekeepers tend to use force. They build traps and use war machines against monsters, bandits, and the Renegades. In the districts where you give them control over the key buildings, you can expect the number of infected in the streets to decrease, and in the tougher spots, you'll be able to use their war machines in a fight."
- The Pilgrim's handbook on the Peacekeeper's philosophy and arsenal.

A Peacekeeper rooftop brewery. Note the additional structure to the right.


A Peacekeeper Tower Outpost. These structures are scattered throughout Peacekeeper territory and can be manned by upwards of a dozen troops.

Reflecting on their military power and industry, architecture used by the Peacekeepers can be noted through the abundant use of sheet metal and fencing. The distinct infrastructure is made more noticeable through its Azure coloration, rustic design and Faction insignia. Tying into their authoritarian nature, Peacekeeper architecture is meant to represent the power and authority the group holds throughout the city.

Due to the nature of their force, the Peacekeepers utilize military style fatigues. An average foot-soldier can be easily noticed through their utilitarian cargo pants and jackets under a Navy blue color scheme. Contrary to modern camouflage patterns, the Peacekeepers favor rather dated European methods in developing largely colorful and elaborate clothing meant for identification purposes, trading concealment for appearance. This grants the Peacekeepers a highly distinctive look which can be recognized from long distances.

Thanks to their organization, the Peacekeepers are highly effective in combat and can tackle even the largest groups of opponents, namely infected. With this said, the Renegades remain the Peacekeepers most profound enemies and large contingents of both forces can be seen fighting each other throughout the city. Peacekeepers will usually avoid hostilities with Survivors and both Factions often distance themselves from each other. Against the player, however, Peacekeepers can function in a mixed fashion. If attacked, even accidentally, Peacekeepers will become incredibly hostile and chase the player as long as line-of-sight is maintained. Otherwise, Peacekeepers are mainly docile towards the player's actions and in some cases, will even fight alongside them.

Peacekeeper Rewards[]

If the Peacekeepers are provided with districts of Villedor, they will provide several different rewards for doing so, most of which are traps which can be used to make combat on the streets easier.



A Man-At-Arms in standard gear.


Forming the backbone of their army, the Man-At-Arms is your average Peacekeeper soldier. In terms of headgear, most will be found wearing ballistic helmets, berets, or nothing at all. Other equipment includes vests, pouch-rigs, and metal armor plating, all of which accompany their standard issue fatigues and army boots. Men-At-Arms come with a variety of melee weapons including batons, bats, clubs, shovels, pipes, machetes, and axes. While lacking in proper ranged weapons, some Men-At-Arms are equipped with throwing knives that can be used against the player. In Hard difficulty and at the correct moment, Men-At-Arms can also concuss the player with a headbutt.



A PK-Spearman next to a Tower Outpost.

Physically identical to the Man-At-Arms, the PK-Spearman is simply equipped with a long spear meant to take down enemies from a longer, more safe distance. PK-Spearmen can be found alongside their Men-At-Arms brethren in most areas, although on an offensive scale they act quite differently. For example, PK-Spearmen can perform a wide-area swing with their weapon to reach targets farther away for them. They can also perform a sprinting charge attack, pointing the tip of their spear forwards in a jousting-like fashion. On the downside, PK-Spearmen are incapable of blocking any attacks and thus have a very weak defense.



A Lawkeeper next to his smaller Peacekeeper brethren. Note the size difference between the units.

The Lawkeeper is a larger and stronger variation of the Man-At-Arms, brandishing a 2-handed weapon and heavy-duty armor plating. Lawkeepers are of high stature and easily tower over fellow Peacekeepers and even the player. Lawkeepers are primarily found in squads of 2-3 Men-At-Arms and spawn near the Terminal Station or Floating Fortress. When attacking, Lawkeepers can slam the ground with their weapon for a wide radius attack. Other tactics include a wide weapon swing, a sprinting charge, and a kick that can knock enemies to the ground.

Rank Structure[]

"Those are rank tattoos. When we ran low on resources, tattoos replaced medals. They show our hierachy."
- Aitor regarding Peacekeeper tattoos to Aiden.
  • Colonel (Background Speech)
  • Major - Tattoo: 3 Bars, 1 Chevron, 1 Reversed Chevron, 2 Star Impellers
  • Captain - Tattoo: 3 Bars, 1 Chevron, 1 Reversed Chevron, 1 Star Impeller
  • Lieutenant - Tattoo: 2 Bars, 1 Chevron, 1 Reversed Chevron, 1 Star Impeller
  • Second Lieutenant - Tattoo: 2 Bars, 1 Chevron, 1 Reversed Chevron
  • Sergeant Major
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant - Tattoo: 2 Bars, 1 Chevron
  • Corporal - Tattoo: 2 Bars
  • Private First Class
  • Private - Tattoo: 1 Bar
  • Cadet

Every officer (Second Lieutenant and up) can have the rank of commander, but it is not a standalone rank. A commander is considered to be an authority. Whether it be a Sector Commander, or Commander of the Peacekeepers, their rank doesn't apply above a Second Lieutenant. Lieutenant Lucas was the Commander of the Downtown Sector, followed by Lieutenant Aitor after his death. This can also be seen as after Major Jack Matt dies, Lieutenant Meyer becomes the Commander of the Peacekeepers, but continues to hold the rank of Lieutenant as opposed to anything higher.

Known Members[]

Notable Members[]

  • Major Jack Matt, founder and leader of the Peacekeepers. (Deceased)
  • Lieutenant Lucas, the former Peacekeeper commander of Old Villedor. (Deceased)
  • Lieutenant Aitor, the current Peacekeeper commander of Old Villedor. (Optional, Deceased)
  • Lieutenant Rowe, the lieutenant in charge of the "legendary" 404-squad of the Peacekeepers. (Deceased)
  • Lieutenant Meyer, the dispatcher of the Peacekeepers and their second-in-command. (Optional,Killed by Aiden)

Other Members[]

Quest Conversations[]

Show: Deep Cover

Aiden: "Hey. Everything okay?"
Peacekeeper (Ollie): "What's it to you, huh? Ain't none of your business!"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Ollie! Cool your jets. Don't you know who this is? It's that Pilgrim guy, Aiden. (Turns to Aiden) Since ya asked, one of our own, Careen, is under cover at the nearby Renegade camp."
Aiden: "A spy?"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Right. Volunteered to walk into the lion's den. Been giving regular reports. Then... nothing."
Peacekeeper (Ollie): "Not a peep for days now. It ain't like her. They caught her for sure."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Thanks for the expert analysis, Mr. Doom and Gloom."
Peacekeeper (Ollie): "Someone needs to get in there and find her!"

Aiden: "(What's she doing there?) What's she doing there, anyway?"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Just finding out whatever she can."
Peacekeeper (Ollie): "Those Renegade scum are going down. And she's been feedin' us info that'll make 'em go down even harder!"
Aiden: "(Anything strange in her reports?) Has she hinted she might be in trouble?"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Not really. I mean, her reports were coming farther and fewer between but that's it."
Peacekeeper (Ollie): "Yeah, less useful too. Figured she was just about to pinch it off and come home when, poof! Nothing!"

Aiden: "(Why don't you go in after her?) Why don't you go in after her?"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "No can do. Those Renegades would sniff us out in a second. We'd be toast."
Peacekeeper (Ollie): "Yeah, and those are fuckin' Renegades, man! Just cuz I'm a guy doesn't mean they wouldn't rape me or sumthin."
Aiden: "I see your problem."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Jeez, Ollie, you got *serious* problems."
Aiden: "(I'll go in.) I'll go check in on her."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Oh man, that'd really help us out! Look, I got these papers that'll get you into the camp."
Peacekeeper (Ollie): "Better him than me."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "See what I got to put up with?"
Aiden: "Just give me the papers."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "I'll be honest with you. I did a quick job forging these. Anyone taking a third look would figure it out. Which means you gotta work fast once you're in. You okay with that?"
Aiden: "I'm good."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Awesome. Now check it: the Renegade's camp is tucked between the office towers."
Aiden: "Okay. How'm I supposed to recognize her?"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Well, ain't a lot of women in these places... but she's gotta know you're on our side. Use the code word phrase "Have you milked the goats?" She'll respond, "Goat milk is too sour for my tastes." You'll know it's Careen."
Aiden: ""Goat milk is..." what?! What kind of code phrase is that?"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Pretty awesome, right?"
Peacekeeper (Ollie): "I came up with that, man. That was all me! 100%!"
Aiden: "Okay. Whatever."

After investigating the gym:

Peacekeeper (Stan): "Aiden, it's Stan."
Aiden: "This isn't a good time."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Sorry, but I gotta warn ya. The guards took a third look and figured out the papers were forged."
Aiden: "Fuck!"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Exactly. So, the clock's ticking. You gotta find Careen and get the hell out of there. They'll be tearing the place apart any minute now."
Aiden: "Yeah, roger that."

At Careen:

Aiden: "Have you milked the goats?"
Careen: "Goat milk is too sour for my tastes. The PKs sent you?"
'Aiden: Yes. Are you in danger?"
Careen: "Only from the PKs."
Aiden: "What do you mean?"
Careen: "I've... I've met someone. His name is Alfonse."
Aiden: "A Renegade."
Careen: "A man. Renegade, yes, but that's just a label like Peacekeeper. Tell the PK I was discovered and executed. Otherwise... they'll come after me. They won't stop. I'll lose Alfonse. I'll lose everything."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Aiden? Stan here. Any luck?"
Aiden: "Yeah, I found her."

Aiden: "([I lie to the PK]) Her grave, I mean."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "What? They killed Careen?"
Aiden: "'Fraid so."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Well, fuck me. Wait 'til the higher ups hear about this."
Peacekeeper (Ollie): "Told ya she was dead meat, man!"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Thanks, Aiden. Guess there's nothing we can do about it."
Aiden: "Sorry I didn't have better news. Aiden out."
Careen: "Thank you. You saved my life!"
Aiden: "I guess it's not all about labels and uniforms."
Careen: "It's not enough, I know. But please take this, with my deepest gratitude."
Aiden: "Thanks, but I won't make it out of here alive to spend it. They must be searching for me by now."
Careen: "There is a door behind you. You can escape unnoticed."
Aiden: "Thanks. And good luck."
Aiden: "([I tell the PK the truth.]) She's standing right in front of me."
Careen: "You bastard!"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "So she's okay? What gives?"
Aiden: "Seems she's taken a shine to Renegade life. Sorry to break it to you."
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Well... tell her she's fucked for sure now. Wait 'til the higher ups hear about this."
Peacekeeper (Ollie): "Oh, she's dead meat for sure, now!"
Peacekeeper (Stan): "Like Ollie said. Thanks, Aiden. We'll handle her from here. Stan out."
Careen: "You'll pay for that. Help! In here! I'm being attacked. Help!!! Help!!!"
Aiden: "Dammit!"


  • "If it wasn't for us, half of these people would be biter bait."
  • "Dignity and peace brother, you're fighting the good fight."
  • "Ever think about joining the PK, Pilgrim? You're a fierce fighter from what I've heard."
  • "I thought our chances against the Renegades were pretty good. But now, I'm not so sure."
  • "Damnit, forgot to bring snacks for patrol again."
  • "I'm off duty here, I have no time for games, move!"
  • "Howdy, soldier."
  • "Brother, we know what you're doing for the Peacekeepers. We shall remember."
  • "Get moving, citizen."
  • "Pilgrim, we spotted specials in the neighborhood. Keep your eyes peeled."
  • "The PKs got your back, Pilgrim."
  • "What are you doing out at this hour? Looking to turn into a volatile meal? Get inside the Ship!"
  • "Civilian, this is a PK operation. Clear the area."
  • "Asshole bandits really got it in for the PKs. Thanks." - After saving a Peacekeeper during a random encounter

Quest Quotes[]

Combat Quotes[]

  • "You're in a hell of a lot of trouble!"
  • "You're asking for it!"
  • "Quit dancing around!"
  • "Chew on this!"
  • "Gonna fuck you up!"
  • "You won't escape!"


  • Female Peacekeepers, including Female Men-At-Arms, can be found throughout Peacekeeper installations like the Floating Fortress. However, they cannot be found anywhere in the streets or in Tower Outposts.
  • In territory held by the Peacekeepers, loud speaker announcements can be heard detailing the Faction's objective throughout the streets. The announcement also entices listeners to join their cause.
    • Whistles and sirens are also heard during the hours of Dawn and Dusk when in PK territory.
  • Peacekeepers will consistently refer to all non-Peacekeepers (including the player) as "citizens".
  • Voice-lines from Peacekeeper soldiers often reference their Faction's relationship with the Survivors, revealing that many Peacekeepers find the feud between the two groups unnecessary.
  • Peacekeepers are frequently in pairs of two. For example, PK Guardposts are manned by two Men-At-Arms, while the player can encounter pairs of soldiers assisting injured citizens throughout the city streets. In other instances, pairs can be seen guarding detained Renegades inside metal cages.