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* Fixed screenshots capturing
* Fixed screenshots capturing
* Fixed crashed related to audio driver
* Fixed crashed related to audio driver
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[[Патч 1.5.0 (Dying Light)]]

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Patch Notes


  • Hard Mode added
  • National outfits added
  • 4 outfits as a reward for finishing the story campaign added
  • Over 50 new weapons added
  • New weapon rarity level – extremely rare Gold weapons added


  • Various balance tweaks of weapons, loot chests, shops and crafting
  • Various improvements to game quests
  • Improvements in natural movement flow


  • Resolved various stability issues including co-op
  • Improved overall game performance


  • Various improvements in world and character art

Be the Zombie

  • New option to enable zombie invasions with co-op disabled added

Linux specific improvements

  • Added AMD Radeon support (Please note - the NPC dialogue lip-sync will be enabled in a future patch)
  • Improved performance significantly
  • Fixed glitch when changing resolution
  • Improved mouse scroll speed in map menu
  • Disabled SSAO and AA options (TBD)
  • Fixed minor rendering issues
  • Fixed screenshots capturing
  • Fixed crashed related to audio driver

Патч 1.5.0 (Dying Light)

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