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| prev = Patch 1.18.0 Release Notes
| prev = Patch 1.18.0 Release Notes
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| next = Patch 1.20.0 Release Notes
| source = Patch 1.19 Release Notes
| source = Patch 1.19 Release Notes

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Patch Notes Edit

Let’s start with new features we hope you’ll enjoy:

  • we’ve set a new type of enemy loose, so keep an eye out for Silver Hazmat – Gas Tank’s more deadly variation
  • if you wish to play Dying Light without live events, you can now turn them off and on via Options -> Online -> Live events. This is visible only during a live event
  • new section in the game’s main menu shows available DLCs and lets you access them easily
  • additional dockets are now supported (more info coming soon!)

We also sorted out some issues:

  • if you have VAC disabled and want to join someone who has VAC on, the game will prompt you that doing so will enable VAC, and let you accept or decline
  • some bugs were fixed

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