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The Paraglider is a Nightrunner Tool which can be used to glide through the skies of Villedor in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


The Paraglider is obtained from Lawan at the roof of the Downtown Court Metro Station during the story quest "A Place To Call Home".

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The Paraglider can be used to glide through the air of Villedor, gradually using up the stamina of Aiden. Should Aiden run out of stamina, he will lose control over the glider and begin crashing down. Entering the air flow of an air vent both fully restores stamina and increases the altitude of Aiden while gliding.


In order to upgrade the paraglider (and other nightrunner tools) the player needs to find military tech from airdrops. The base version of the paraglider is quite slow and clunky.

The first upgrade makes it a lot faster and easier to use.

The last upgrade adds a boost that allows the player to stay midair for longer.