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Old Town is a location in Dying Light.


Before the outbreak, Old Town was a thriving city of riches, proved by its masterful architecture of urban shops to its courtyards and cathedrals. Old Town was a place for the wealthy, but was also the first place struck by the Harran virus. Within Old Town, the player can see failed containment walls from when the outbreak started to quarantine areas. The area is in significantly better condition than Harran's slums which have fallen into further decay following the pandemic.


Many of the buildings within the Old Town are constructed in a neo-classical style, featuring grand facades, marble columns and pillars which support the towering structures. The majority of buildings are apartments, once home to the area's prosperous inhabitants; numerous apartments can be accessed by the player, many of which remain intact, relatively untouched by the chaos of the virus. This can be proven by locked doors which clearly nobody has entered since the outbreak.

Notable Locations

  • The Harran University can be found in Old Town; it plays an important role within the main quest line as it houses key NPCs, includes Quartermaster. It is accessible to the player and can be explored.
  • Parking Lot is a quarantine zone which the player can explore during the designated challenge.
  • Embers' Tower is a safezone operated by a group of survivors known as the Embers. This location is pivotal to the story and one of the first places explored by Crane during his time in the Old Town.
  • On the hillside, the Old Town Museum can be seen. During the main quest line, the player is able to explore the building whilst interacting with the narrative goals which take place inside.
  • The New Antalya Apartments are another quarantine zone which in which the player is able to complete a challenge.


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