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"O Brother Where Art Thou?" is a side quest available in Dying Light.


I've met Osman, who used to work for Rais. He says his brother, Nazim, went looking for some supplies in the market, but didn't come back. Now Osman has offered me a cut of his loot for finding Nazim.

  • Look for Osman's brother in the market
  • Kill the infected
  • Talk to Nazim
Under torture, Nazim told Rais's men where his brother, Osman, is hiding. Now Nazim has asked me to send Osman a message that he has to get out of there before Rais's thugs can get to him. 
  • Get back to Osman
  • Kill the bandits that attacked Osman's hideout
  • Talk to Osman
Osman has kept his end of the bargain and provided me with three keys to three different stashes in the city. It's going to take some work to recover them, but Osman was insistent that they'd be worth it. 
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