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Note #28 is the twenty-eighth collectable note that can be found in Dying Light.

"From: Dr. Robert Lansing, Field Team Coordinator

To: Dr. Jonathan Barto, Sr. Asst. Administrator

GRE, Building #6 Pathogen Sciences Lab

Subject: Harran Outbreak, Patient Zero. 

I think we have a solid new candidate for Patient Zero.

The deceased, Mr. Baris Buruk was 37 years old. He was a white collar professional, who worked for a local public relations firm, called Best Face Forward. Their offices are in Old Town. His medical records are well-documented. His health was good. His co-workers (the ones who are still alive and could be interviewed) described him as intelligent ad even-tempered. 

The sudden violence he displayed at his work place-he killed two people and attacked six others-was not triggereed by any particular event. Witnesses said he was feeling unwell, and had closed the door of his office to rest. 30 minutes later, a disturbing clamor could be heard inside Mr. Buruk's office. A concerned woman who opened his door was immediately attacked and beaten to death by Mr. Buruk.

After several difficult minutes, he was subdued by workers, who held him down until the police arrived. At no time did Mr. Buruk cease to struggle, though he was reported to have uttered a few words that suggested fleeting moments of awareness. When the police arrived, Mr. Buruk could not be taken into custody peacefully. The responding officers used batons to further subdue him, but this resulted in lethal injuries, and Mr. Buruk was killed on the scene. 

This event offured a full three days before the attacks at the Seva Ashram, which we had considered to be the first recorded incident of infection-induced violece. I suspect the Buruk case was overlooked beause, despite the severe wounds Mr. Buruk inflicted on his victims, none of them developed Harran virus symptoms. Clearly, he had nt reached the transmission-viable stage of this very unusual virus. 

Thus, we have a Patient Zero, who failed to produce any other infected victims. From this, we should deduc that the pathogen must have achieved multiple points of entry into the public simultaneously. An air or water contaminent seems unlikely, given the low numbers of early infected, so, I'm thinking food supply. With your permission, I'd like to pursue this.


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