Note #01 is the first collectable note that can be found in Dying Light. It may be found on a counter table inside a building in the slums where a group of bandits are operating at near the end of the side mission Goodnight Mr. Bahir.

The note's description is as follows:

"Bento, I understand that you said sometimes the drugs don't work as well as they should. But when we started doing business, maybe one out of five pills didn't work right--like they would do nothing. Then later, it seemed like one out of three pills didn't do anything. Then half of them did nothing. I don't really understand what the "placebo effect" is, but it's not working for more and more of my customers. If you could increase the placebo levels in these medicines I would really appreciate it!

Anyway, it's great that you can now produce Antizin in your own lavatory. I'm sure the quality control will be much better. Glad to be in business with you. We're going to make a lot of money, and help people too!

- Yusuf"

End of note.

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