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The Nightrunners is a disbanded faction in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Frank Marwey was the leader of a military unit who all became Infected during the Fall. He decided that instead of being discharged, Frank and his squad would take inhibitors to enhance their abilities and stay out longer at night in order to help people. They were beloved by everyone and were instrumental in defeating Chris Williams during the Revolution.

The Nightrunners were a faction in the City who helped people in better days, even braving the dangers of the night. They eventually disappeared after a failed mission at the VNC Tower.[1] Hakon believed it was a suicide mission and led too many Nighrunners away so that Frank would not succeed in the mission. The Nightrunners had left behind many hideouts from their past lives, which are located all around the city. Depending on player choice, the player can bring back the Nightrunners as a key faction and get a better ending.

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  • Aiden (member/active/optional)
  • Frank (leader and founder/active/optional)
  • Lawan (leader/active/optional)
  • Hakon (member/active/optional)
  • Cillian (member/active)
  • Harper (member/active]
  • Unnamed male nightrunner (member/active)
  • Unnamed female nightrunner (member/active)
  • Unnamed old male (member/active)


Nightrunner hideouts[]

Nightrunner hideouts were checkpoints for nightrunners to hide out at during the night to keep safe from the dangers of the night. Nightrunner hideouts were mainly located in areas where the infected could not get to. Tents and busses are the two most common nightrunner hideouts. These hideouts were usually decked with UV lights to ward off any of the infected in the area, trying to creep their way closer to you. A sleeping bag is one of the provided items in these hideouts, used for letting the player sleep. A players stash is also sometimes provided in some, but not all hideouts. The hideouts are really only used by Aiden, as he is one of the only active nightrunners during the events of the game. Aiden is also able to use these hideouts during the day, allowing him to sleep which switches the time from day to night.

Nightrunner tools[]

The nightrunners used many tools such as the Paraglider, Grappling Hook, Binoculars and UV Flashlight. All of which can be unlocked through story progression (mostly in the Central Loop) and can be upgraded to be more efficient and useful. These tools prove quite useful as Aiden travels through Villedor, helping him traverse difficult obstacles, the normal human could not get past.