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Nightrunner Tools are items in Dying Light 2 Stay Human which can be used by Aiden Caldwell. A total of six Nightrunner Tools exist in the game, and are unlocked through the main quest.


GRE Access Key[]

The access key is obtained during "Pilgrim's Path", as Dylan gives it to Aiden. It can be used to unlock doors at GRE Quarantine Buildings and on the Military Tech compartments of Military Airdrops. The key can also unlock certain other doors, typically those of military containers.

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Binoculars are obtained during "Markers of Plague" being given to Aiden by Hakon. The binoculars can be used to discover locations from a distance so they can get marked on the player map.


The paraglider is obtained during "A Place To Call Home", given to Aiden by Lawan. The paraglider can be used to travel across the sky of Villedor by gliding through it. Air vents can be used to both recharge stamina and give the paraglider some lift.

UV Flashlight[]

The UV flashlight is obtained during "Welcome On Board", given to Aiden by Meyer. The UV flashlight can be used to stun chasing infected and deals minor UV-damage to the infected as well.

Grappling Hook[]

The Grappling Hook is obtained during "Broadcast", being found by Aiden on the directions of Frank Marwey. The Grappling Hook can be used to latch onto ceilings, walls, and other structures to swing in its direction. It can also be used to pull enemies towards Aiden.

GRE Detector[]

The GRE Detector is also obtained during "Broadcast", given to Aiden by Rowe. The GRE Detector is used in combination with the various radio towers in Villedor (Saint Joseph Medical Radio Relay, Historical Communications Tower, North Loop Radio Tower, South Loop Radio Tower, Newfound Land Military Relay) to locate any Inhibitors which were not yet found in the districts of the city.