Nazim is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

He is a survivor residing within the slums of Harran.

During the side-quest O Brother Where Art Thou?, Kyle Crane is sent by Nazim's brother Osman to search for him after he goes missing in exchange for a piece of his loot. Kyle managed to fight the horde and save Nazim, whom hide in supermarket. However, Nazim revealed that he told Rais' Gang about Osman secret hideout, which they're on their way now. Nazim ask Kyle to deliver the message, which is Osman need to get out there before Rais men arrive.

Kyle comeback to Osman hideout only to find Rais men already arrive. He manages to fight them off and save Osman. Osman, whom got his brother message, kept his end of bargain, give Kyle the resource he need to.


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