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Mrs. Browne is a survivor in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Garlic and Sardines Challenge[]

Help Mr. Browne and his wife by gathering Garlic and Sardines for them.

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Show: Garlic and Sardines Challenge

Mrs. Browne: "I'm sorry honey. It's my fault."
Mr. Browne: "No, I'm the one who's sorry. I shouldn't have spoken to you that way."
Mrs. Browne: "That's true. You were very mean. And foul-mouthed!"
Mr. Browne: "You know I didn't mean it. I can... lose control sometimes. I apologize."
(When approached)
Aiden: "Uh... you guys okay?"
Mr. Browne: "Ah! Maybe you can help us... help save our marriage."
Aiden: "Uhhh... How about you just don't argue?"
Mrs. Browne: "You're right. We'll stop immediately. We love each other too much for that nonsense."
Mr. Browne: "Far too much."
Mrs. Browne: "But without garlic?"
Mr. Browne: "And no sardines?"
Aiden: "So... you can only make up with each other over sardines and garlic? Seriously?"
Mrs. Browne: "Oh yes...! Mmmmmmm...!!!"
Aiden: "Where can I find garlic and sardines?"
Mrs. Browne: "You see? It's like I told you: there are still good people in the world."
Mr. Browne: "I have to think where the sardines are. Give me a moment..."
Mrs. Browne: "But wild garlic grows here and there on the city's tallest buildings."
Aiden: "So, where are these sardines, again?"
Mr. Browne: "That's right... there was a convoy. Four trucks filled of the best sardines money could buy."
Mrs. Browne: "But they crashed. It was horrible! Precious cans scattered all over the place! Horrible!!"
Aiden: "But I still don't know where to find them."
Mr. Browne: "Gimme a minute... gimme a minute..."
Mrs. Browne: "Oh, you'll never remember. I'll tell him! Like I said... they're scattered all over the neighborhood and-- Don't you sigh at me, mister!"
Aiden: "Okay, okay... don't kill each other before I get back."
Mrs. Browne: "Us?! Why would you say such a thing?"
Mr. Browne: "We speak only the gentlest poetry to each other!"
Mrs. Browne: "Poetry? More like sea shanties, coming from you..."
Aiden: "Keep calm and stay put. I'll find your sardines."
Mrs. Browne: "I'll try. Grab the basket when you're ready. I'll mark the spots where the sardines are for you."
(After completing the challenge)
Aiden: "Oh, wow - you haven't killed each other?! Here are your sardines!"
Mrs. Browne: "You're wonderful. Our savior!!"
Mr. Browne: "Don't go overboard. He just brought us some sardines."
Aiden: "So... do you roast the garlic first, or eat it raw with the sardines?"
Mrs. Browne: "Is this all you could find? We'll hardly be able to make up properly with this little. Can you bring us more? Pretty please."
Aiden: "You guys... You guys never stop do you?"