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"Promise you'll never leave me alone here. Never."
Mia to Aiden when they were little kids

Mia is a character featured in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Mia as a child.

Mia and Aiden Caldwell, were kidnapped when they were both five years old. They were brutally tortured but the place they were at suddenly erupted in flames, explosions, and chaos. Mia was left behind in the city but Aiden left with soldiers. He blames himself and is still traumatized to the present day.

Several years later, Aiden discovers a lead on Mia's whereabouts, the City. He then set off to brave the dangers of the City to reunite with his beloved missing thought to be sister.[1]


Mia was infected with an unknown strain of the THV virus and her father attempted to save her life using experiments in a laboratory. Later, after Aiden kills him, he either tries saving Mia from the laboratory before the missiles explode because of Lawan, or stop Lawan from blowing up the laboratory. Either way, Mia ultimately dies from the strain.