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  • Hey! So on your Rais' Gang wiki I noticed something incorrect, in the victims tab you'll see Karim. However Karim is still VERY alive, if you complete the campaign and head over to the school, you will find the former Governer of Harran. He will tell you about some thugs chasing him, and how they cut off his leg. So you track these guys down, and find 3 dead Rais thugs. Upon approaching you can hear Karim on the radio asking for their status, when you flip a body over you find the radio and track Karim. After Rais' death you find Karim has moved the Gangs HQ to a new apartment complex. You enter dialogue mentioning his survival from Rais and after fully completing the mission, find out more about his survival and the fact that he's actually a good guy. So could you please change this small detail? It means alot to us Rais (gang) fanatics, I feel everyone deserves to know he's alive and that they can see him once more!

    Thank you!

    -Rais Thug

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    • Story mission deaths do not prevent you from doing side missions involving those characters are a later point. You can still do side missions referencing Jade, Omar, etc. even after they have died. Or in this case – the side mission involving Karim. That side mission canonically takes place when it is first obtainable, which is before he dies.

      That apartment is not the headquarters. Karim is canonically dead. You did a side mission that takes place long before he dies.

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    • My apologies for not replying sooner - I've been offline for a few days. I was going to say that content-related are out of my purview as I don't play the game - but someone has already cone to your assistance. Thanks Milton.

      I should clarify that I'm just you're local staff member who helps with wiki-stuff.

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