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A Medkit is a craftable utility in Dying Light, which restores health points. Medkits can also be found in certain areas such as in the back of ambulances or at checkpoints like the one on the bridge. They can also be obtained from most vendors and through quartermasters.

Medkit will heal the player by an amount of 100 HP. Later on in game when you acquire Sturdiness, Sturdiness II, and Ultimate Survivor it will often take 2 medkits to fully recover your health.

Military Medkit are stronger more effective medkits that can only be found in Dying Light: The Following DLC. They can be found in water towers, radio towers, or in police vans/cars. They cannot be crafted.

Hard Mode

In hard mode, the medkit works slightly differently. It will heal over time (rate of about 2.5 hp/s) instead of instantly.

Everything required to heal wounds and bruises. 

Quantity Produced: 1 (If the skill crafting expertise is acquired 2 medkits will be produced)

Price: 200

NOTE: this may also be crafted from 3 herbs or with 4 underwater algae





  • If the player looks very, very closely on a medkit, they can see that the text on the side is about stickers, which is out of place for this, though it can be assumed it is only there as filler text.
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