The Magic Fortress is a location featured in Dying Light. It is a former day care centre located at the end of Weavers Street in the Old Town district of Harran. It was owned and operated by Jasmine, who continued caring for children orphaned by the outbreak alongside her husband Rupert.

Events of Dying Light

During the side-quest Rupert the Gunsmith, Kyle Crane is sent to the day care centre to check on the survivors residing there. He finds Rupert, a gunsmith by trade, caring for the children on his own under the guise of a wizard protecting them from an evil curse that has befallen the city.

He claims his wife Jasmine is out collecting supplies and will return shortly, but one of the children, a young girl named Alya Bozkurt, suffers from diabetes and her condition is deteriorating without her insulin medication. Initiating the Health Potion side-quest, he begs Crane to search nearby pharmacies in an effort to retrieve the medicine. Unable to locate any insulin, Crane searches the Bozkurts' Steep Street apartment before tracking down a deceased Ekrem Bozkurt at the Fahrat Pizza shop on Royal Street.

When Crane returns, Rupert asks him to watch the children while he treats Alya. A young boy, Kadim, asks Crane to retrieve his blocks from near the basement door, initiating the Blocks for the Boy side-quest. While near the basement, Kyle overhears the sounds of infected and confronts Rupert, learning that his wife Jasmine was bitten and asked to be locked in the basement so as to not harm her husband or the children. Unable to bring himself to kill his wife, Rupert asks Crane to put her out of her misery during the Dungeon side-quest.

After speaking with a young girl residing in the centre, Crane must kill a Demolisher in the parking lot outside for the Troll side-quest.

Afterwards, the Magic Fortress operates as a safe zone which Crane may use.


  • Following completion of the Dungeon side-quest, Rupert claims to have been in contact with Troy and the Embers who have promised to send assistance to the day care centre. However, nobody arrives after Rupert returns to his store, effectively leaving the children unsupervised.
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