Machetes are a type of sharp melee weapon featured in Dying Light.

While Machetes aren't available in the early game, they are useful in the late game when they begin to appear. With adequate speed, high damage, and few weakness, they are even more powerful when aiming for headshots resulting in decapitation.


There are 24 variants of Machete in the base game:

Variants Image
Hunter's Machete
  • Heavy-Duty Machete
  • Premium Hunter's Machete
  • Safety Machete
Hunter's Machete
Khukuri Machete
  • Boomerang Machete
  • Green Piece
  • Superior Khukuri Machete
  • Zebra Machete
Khukuri Machete
Military Machete
  • Crocodile Machete
  • Dark Machete
  • Premium Machete
  • Rais's Machete
  • Tahir's Weapon
  • Korek machete
  • Dark machete
Military Machete
Panga Machete
  • Superior Panga Machete
Panga Machete
Tanto Machete
  • Arena Machete
  • Camo Machete
  • Fierce Machete
  • Remarkable Tanto Machete
  • Skull Machete
  • Urban Machete
  • Korek Machete V2
Tanto Machete

The Following adds eight new Machetes:

Military Machete
  • Extravagant Military Machete (×2)
  • Fabulous Military Machete (×2)
  • Farming Machete
  • Field Machete
  • Firm Machete
  • Garden Machete
  • Legendary Military Machete (×2)
  • Solid Machete


Coming soon.


  • In real life, machetes have many purposes in use. Primary uses are for cutting overgrowth and bushes, but can be used for agricultural and household tasks.
  • In regards to the Khukuri, Khukuri (or Kukri) is a Nepalese knife used both as a tool and a weapon. In real life, they serve as utility tools in traditions and are used by some militaries such as the Nepalese Army and India's Gorkha Regiments.
  • The Military Machete is one of the most recognized and identifiable weapons in the game. Many survivors can be found using this weapon, including Rais and his men.
    • Rais's personal weapon is a engraved military machete, and uses it against Crane during "Extraction". Currently, he is the only survivor that had an engraved weapon of his own.
      • Oddly, Rais's Machete (from what it appears in the Developer Tools) appears as a normal machete and not the engraved machete as shown during the QTE battle on "Extraction".
  • The Tanto Machete appears to be a reference to Fallout: New Vegas's machete; both machetes appear to be made out of a lawnmower blade.
    • The Remarkable Tanto Machete has a logo titled ROYAL on the blade.
  • The Hunter's Machete also appears to be a reference to The Book of Eli (2010). The Hunter's Machete in-game is modeled after the Kukri-styled weapon used by the main character Eli (played by Denzel Washington).
  • The Panga Machete weapon itself is actually a Parang Machete.
  • The Khukuri Machete's model is based on an Extrema Ratio KM.
  • The player can see Crane's reflection on the blade of a machete if standing in a specific position.


Vanilla Variants

The Following Variants

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