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"A word from your Gas Master Afra: You all need my precious gas to run your stupid stoves. Well, my butane supplies are running out. Without my gas, you're going to be eating a lot of cold soup, and whatever else you can't make without heat (I didn't say that right, but you know what I mean). If you like your stoves to heat things, then you'd better turn over any butane you find to Toygar. You will be paid something."
Quest introduction

Lighter Gas is a side quest available in Dying Light.[1]


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Search the town for lighter gas
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Turn in lighter gas


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You can find lighter gas throughout the map, most notably inside wardrobes. Tracking the quest might help making lighter gas spawn more often. The map shows a house where you can find a lot of them.


  • The chests in which lighter gas can be found are typically made of rattan



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