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Letter - Helen's Testimony

Letter - Helen's Testimony is one of mementos found Dying Light 2. It is part of the Artifact Collectable set.


Dear Peter,

I feel my time is drawing near so I decided to write this letter. Every time I visited your beautiful land of flowers, I wanted to tell you this, but I always lacked the courage.

I am your mother.

Yes. I am the woman who deprived you of a normal childhood and abandoned you to an orphanage. You cannot imagine how sorry I am for this, and how much I would like to beg you for forgiveness..

Your father left me a week after you were born. He simply disappeared. I was very young and poor. I could not imagine being a single mother. I was alone and afraid... so I made the choice I thought was the best for you: I left you at an orphanage.

Much later, I met another man and we started a family. I tried to forget about you, but I couldn't. I dreamed about you almost every night, your sparkling eyes staring up at me from your crib. I didn't see you again until you were an adult.

I came to the Blooming Tulip and... I froze.

I could tell right away. You were my son. I wanted to say something... but I was so ashamed. Instead, I came for flowers every day... to talk to you... to get to know you. You became my friend. It's the best I could do.

Maybe it was a mistake, but I just... didn't want to disrupt your seemingly peaceful life. But now, you should know the truth. Know that I have loved you very much and deeply cared for you. It is amazing to see what a kind and thoughtful man you've become.

Your mother is very proud of you.

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