Lena is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

She is one of the survivors residing within the Tower in the slums of Harran. Prior to the outbreak she was a physician and now operates as the resident medical expert for the enclave, assisted by her nurse Aman. The medical room is initially found on the 18th floor, but following an outbreak on the floor, both Lena and Aman relocate to the 19th floor. She and Harris Brecken are in a relationship, as mentioned by some survivors.

During the main story quest Awakening, after Kyle Crane is rescued by Jade Aldemir from the streets and extracted to the Tower, he is treated by Lena. Soon after, when Crane rescues Mark, Lena and Timur travel to the 13th floor to extract him.

Following the quest First Assignment, Lena approaches Crane to recover anti-seizure medicine after Harris Brecken suffers a serious head injury, initiating the Mother's Day side-quest.


Appearance and personality

Lena is a young woman of a slim build with black hair and green eyes. A physician prior to the outbreak, she is seen wearing a torn medical gown. She is intelligent and level-headed, willing to lend a hand even in chaotic situations.



  • She was voiced by Leila Birch, who also voiced the female reporter in the introduction.
  • In conversation with Yakup, he mentions Lena is in a relationship with Harris Brecken, leader of the survivors at the Tower.
  • Following patch 1.09, Lena's appearance was updated; she appears to be wearing more make-up as well as her outfit has changed into a torn medical gown.
  • It's possible that she died in The Following if you don't choose the nuclear ending but this has not been confirmed. [1]
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