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"Legless Spider" is a side quest available that is the most labour intensive and largest payment in all of Dying Light.


  • Find out who's causing the smoke
I came across an injured guy named Spider, who was attacked by Rais's men. Spider claims that he and his friend David, know where the epidemic really began. He wants me to collect some things for David, and then David will explain everything.
  • Take Spider's bag
  • Collect remaining objects
  • Go to David
  • Help David
  • Talk with David
  • Find the meteorite samples
I reached the meteorite crash site. There were lots of infected around - it looked like this place lured them somehow. Weird... But I finally found all the pieces. I should take them back to David.
  • Bring samples to David
I gave David the samples, and got a whole earful of crazy. Shapeshifting lizards, cosmic invasions, intergalactic experiments and who knows what else... This guy has sniffed WAY too much glue.
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