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Lawan is a major character featured in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Lawan is major character in the City on a quest for revenge. She is an ally of Aiden Caldwell but will stop at nothing to mark the names off her hit list.[1]

Aiden has the chance to meet Lawan in the Sniper's Alley side quest, while she is hunting for Hakon. The pair later meet again at the Car Plant during Lets Waltz!, where she will save Aiden and the two are formally introduced.

Lawan quickly becomes a valuable ally, and Aiden interacts with her in several main quests, either in person or through radio.

Regardless of player choice, Lawan will be at the X13 Facility in the game's final campaign quest. Aiden is given the choice of saving her or Villedor when she proposes blowing up the missiles to save Villedor and destroy X13.

  • If Hakon is alive and Aiden decides to save Mia, he will rescue her at the last second, thus both her and the City will be saved, with Aiden carrying a dying Mia barely escaping alive. Depending on player choices, such as whether Frank is still alive, Lawan may leave Villedor with Aiden in the ending cinematic cutscene.
  • If Hakon is dead and Aiden decides to save Villedor, Lawan is killed in the manual explosion detonation of her explosives she planted on the missiles while Aiden carrying a dying Mia barely escapes alive.
  • If Aiden decides to save Lawan, she refuses and attempts to fight him, but to no avail as Aiden enters in a rage in his Volatile trait, almost choking Lawan to death, but stopping himself and, carrying her on his shoulders, jumps out of the silo in time. Lawan then collapses to her knees in grief and despair as the missiles fire into the air, soon to hit Villedor.

After the events at X13, if Hakon is alive and Aiden decided to save Villedor, she can leave the city with Aiden and travel together on the road. Otherwise, she stays in the city if she was saved instead of Villedor and certain conditions are met with Frank’s fate.

GameSpot Expert Reviews

Death (Determinant)[]

Killed By:[]

  • Herself (Caused, Sacrifice, Determinant)
  • Aiden Caldwell (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)

If Hakon is dead and Aiden decides to save Mia instead of attempting to stop Lawan from detonating the missiles before they launch, Lawan will succeed in detonating the missiles before they launch, sacrificing herself and saving Villedor.


Frank Marwey[]

Lawan is shown to be very close to Frank and the former Nightrunners. She looked up to Frank as a mentor when the Nightrunners were in operation.

Aiden Caldwell[]

Depending on player choice, Lawan's relationship with Aiden will be either platonic or hint at potential romance. Although this is never explicitly shown, she will kiss Aiden on the cheek if she is officially made a Nightrunner (assuming she did not kill Hakon in the Nightrunners quest). Additionally, she may leave the city with him if the player made the appropriate choices.


She is also known to have had a relationship with Hakon, which is hinted at to have been sexual, but is never explicitly stated. However, they both have some disdain for each other, even to the point where Lawan can kill him. Otherwise, if he was spared, Hakon saves her and Aiden from being killed by some thugs, which Lawan tends to him as he recovers from some injuries. If Villedor is saved instead and Hakon is alive, he will save her from certain death.