"You're an athletic type. You'll be fine."
—Kurt to Kyle Crane.

Kurt is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

He is a survivor residing within Jaffar's Wheelstation.

Following the side-quest Steal from a Thief, in which Kyle Crane recovers dynamite from Rais' Gang for Jaffar, Kurt devises a plan to improve the effectiveness of the explosives. He plans on combining the dynamite sticks with firecrackers and shrapnel in the hopes of mowing down infected "like a harvester." He asks Kyle to retrieve a car battery from a nearby truck, only it is hanging off the edge of the overpass.

Upon Crane's return, Kurt is in possession of the prototype for Kurt's Bomb and directs Crane to a nearby tunnel which is crowded with infected. However, during the day it is usually infested with Volatiles, so Crane will need to travel to the tunnel at night in order to test it safely. The bomb must be planted and activated, after which Kyle has ten seconds to escape the tunnel. The explosion not only destroys the Volatile Nest, but also the barricade blocking passage through the tunnel. Kurt invites Crane back to the Wheelstation and rewards him with the blueprint for his bombs.



  • Utilising firecrackers to distract the Volatiles, it is possible to plant and activate the bomb during the day.
  • Kurt means wolf in Turkish.
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