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Kristov is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light[]

He is a survivor residing within the secure radio station facility in the slums, along with his father Alexei. He and his father produce weapons for the criminal warlord Kadir "Rais" Suleiman and his gang.

During the main story quest Pact With Rais, Kyle Crane travels to the antenna under orders from Karim in the hopes of re-establishing radio communications in the district.

Later, Kristov runs away from the safe zone to join Harris Brecken and his runners at the Tower. Alexei begs Crane to find his son and bring him back, and Kyle agrees to search for him. After locating Kristov, trapped by infected at the Bites Motel. Kyle rescues Kristov, who refuses to rejoin his father so long as he continues to work for Rais. However, he agrees to quit working as a runner and simply make weapons for Brecken if his father will join him at the Tower.

Kyle returns to the antenna with this news, upsetting Alexei. However, members of Rais' Gang smash through the gate with a van and try to kill both Crane and Alexei. After the thugs are killed, Alexei realises that it was only a matter of time before Rais ordered his death and agrees to join Brecken.

Kristov and his father can later be found in the lobby of the Tower, making weapons in the workshop alongside Alfie.

GameSpot Expert Reviews


Show: Pact with Rais

Kristov: "I won't do this anymore!"
Alexei: "Will you keep your voice down?"
Kristov: "I don't care who hears me!"
Alexei: "Kristov, what's wrong with you? We are trying to stay alive here."
Kristov: "Dad, these guys are killers!"
Alexei: "Yes, they're murderers. So we work for them, that's how we stay safe. You think too much with your mouth, Kristov. Start using your head or you're going to get us both killed."

Show: The Prodigal Son

Kristov: "Can anyone read me? This is Kristov. I need help!"
Crane: "I read you, Kristov. This is Crane. Where are you?"
Kristov: "I found some survivors. They're in pretty bad shape. We're just outside the Hostel."
Crane: "Hold tight, Kristov. I'm on my way."

At the Hostel:

Kristov: "Can you see us?! We're holed up in a bus, and we're completely surrounded by Infected!"
Crane: "Okay, Kristov. I can see you. I'm going to get you out of there, but the first thing I need you to do is stop cranking that engine. You're just drawing them in."
Kristov: "Right. Yes. I wasn't thinking."
Crane: "Now stay put and sit tight. I'm going to secure the area."
Kristov: "Do you need help?"
Crane: "Negative, Kristov! Stay with the wounded. That's an order."

After securing the area:

Kristov: "Whew! Never been so scared in my life. Is it always like that?"
Crane: "Pretty much. But you kept your head on, and you saved those people's lives. That's not bad for your first time out."
Kristov: "Thanks, Crane. But if you hadn't shown up we'd all be dead."
Crane: "How do you think your dad would feel about that?"
Kristov: "My dad? Oh no! Did he send you?! Look, I'm not going to go back. I can't. I'm not working for Rais and his butcher squad."
Crane: "Look, I'm not asking you to go back."
Kristov: "Well, that's what my dad wants, isn't it?"
Crane: "He wants you to be safe."
Kristov: "Yeah. Working for Rais. How safe is that?"
Crane: "It isn't. Sooner or later they're going to kill him. But if I can get your to stop working for Rais, will you hang up your running shoes?"
Kristov: "You're asking a lot."
Crane: "You could make weapons for Brecken - God knows they need them. And you'd be saving your dad's life."
Kristov: "Okay. Get him to join me here, and I'll quit being a runner."