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Kasper is a survivor in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.



Help the survivors of Culvert Island against Renegades.

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Show: Renegades

Aiden: "You can come out. They can't bother you now. What happened here?"
Survivor: "We were just working. Then they attacked. Went for our supplies and cut down anyone in their way."
Aiden: "But not everyone! The others! Where are they?"
Survivor: "Didn't see anyone else. They must have been taken. Oh God... Maria... Robert... They took my friends..."

Aiden: "(Have they been attacking other camps?) Have they been attacking other camps?"
Survivor: "Survivors from the camp to the south said that they were attacked today, too. They took food and the able-bodied young men. Forced them to join them, apparently. We all know the Renegades are nasty sons of bitches... but they'd kept their distance from us up 'til now!"
Aiden: "(Where might they have taken your friends?) Know where they would have taken your friends?"
Survivor: "The border between the Butcher's turf and ours is close to here. That's where the Renegades have their camp. Will you help them? Please... there are no Peacekeepers here... no one to help them."
Aiden: "I'll try."
Survivor: "Thank you. Be careful. They might have outposts along the route. I'll guide you over the radio. My name's Kasper."

(At the first outpost)
Aiden: "I'm at the first outpost. No sign of your friends."
Survivor: "They must have moved on, toward the camp. Further west on Fulton Tower Road. Catch them before they get there!"
Aiden: "I'm on my way."
Survivor: "No... I don't understand. They said the Renegades are dangerous, but the ceasefire lasted for years. It's as if they no longer fear the Peacekeepers. What changed that?"
Aiden: "Maybe we're about to find out. I'll be in touch."
(At the second outpost)
Aiden: "No one here either."
Survivor: "They might have stopped at the overlook by the windmill on Garrison Boulevard. Hurry up! If they reach camp, it will be much harder to rescue them."
Aiden: "I'll catch up to them."
Survivor: "I think I saw who was commanding those Renegades. It was Elias. He was a survivor. Lived in the area two years ago. He was a lawyer before the epidemic, a man of principle. Then he disappeared. There was a lot of talk about it."
Aiden: "Disappeared?"
Survivor: "A year ago, this guy came sniffling around here. One of the Butcher's men, they said. And that he worked for the GRE back in the day. He tried to talk people into going to the dam. Promised them weapons. The ones who did never came back..."
(At the third outpost)
Survivor: "When I saw Elias just before, he looked strung out, like he was on drugs. His eyes... terrifying! As if there was no one left behind them."
Aiden: "I'll look into it."
(After clearing the third outpost)
Aiden: "Made it. All I found were some Renegades here."
Survivor: "So they've made it to the camp. There's no saving my friends now."
Aiden: "I'll scout out the camp and see what I find."
Survivor: "I didn't dare ask but... we can't give up. Help them please!"
(After rescuing the survivors)
Aiden: "Hello? It's Aiden. Your friends are safe and sound."
Survivor: "Thank you, Aiden. We are all deeply in your debt."