Kadim is a character mentioned in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

He is a young survivor residing within the Magic Fortress daycare in the Old Town district of Harran. Following the Health Potion side-quest, in which Kyle Crane retrieves an Insulin prescription for young Alya Bozkurt, Crane is asked to look after the children while Rupert applies the medication. Kadim asks Kyle to retrieve his blocks, which he dropped near the basement door, initiating the Blocks for the Boy side-quest.

While retrieving the blocks, Crane overhears the sounds of infected coming from the basement and confronts Rupert. Crane learns Rupert's wife, Jasmine, has turned and is being kept trapped in the basement as Rupert is unable to kill her. He asks Crane to put his wife out of her misery, initiating the Dungeon side-quest.


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