Jeffrey is a character featured in Dying Light.

Biography Edit

Events of Dying Light Edit

He is a self proclaimed "Master Zombie Killer" in Harran to test his skills. He encounters Kyle Crane inside the Safe Zone located north of the Tower, unlocked during First Assignment, and provides Crane with a series of challenges involving dismembering and killing infected.

Throughout the five challenges, Crane voices his disgust at Jeffrey's psychopathic behaviour; after completing the fifth one, Jeffrey attacks Crane claiming the "town isn't big enough for two master zombie killers" and is killed in the ensuing fight.

Quests Edit

Notable quotes Edit

"You see those spikes? I've started using them to kill zombies! Just shove 'em right in there! It's a total rush!"
—Jeffrey, to Crane before the second challenge.
"You know what I just realised? This town's only big enough for ONE Master Zombie Killer! And that Master Zombie Killer is ME!"
—Jeffrey, before attacking Crane.

Notes Edit

  • Jeffrey keeps with him a collection of severed zombie heads as trophies from his kills.
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