Jeff is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

He is a resident of the Tower and a skilled gas technician. He can be found in the lobby and works closely with Alfie, the Tower's electrical technician.

However, Jeff later has a falling out with his fellow survivors and leaves to establish his own safehouse, which he calls Fort Jefferson. When the gas supply is disrupted for the entire Slums district, Alfie sends Kyle Crane to investigate. This leads Crane to Jeff's safehouse, and initiates the Gassed Up quest.

Jeff admits to disrupting the gas supply but informs Crane on how to restore it; he tells Crane that if he wishes to resume the gas distribution, he must open three gas valves located in a tunnel, under an overpass, and near the train bridge. As Crane does so, the last gate sets off a chain reaction causing major gas leaks in the various stations. Jeff orders Crane to close the blue line's valves at the primary distribution gate, and afterwards promises to flip the master switch in his fort to resume the gas flow across the city.

Crane remedies all of the issues and returns to Jeff's fort. Jeff then activates his Apocalypse Wall, which is a deadly perimeter of open gas lines lined across his fort. The flames torch nearby zombies, but a problem causes a major explosion in his fort, killing him. Crane then tells Alfie that he has to find a replacement, in which Afra takes his place as the Tower's resident gas expert.


  • Jeff appears to be a former member of the United States military, largely based on his clothing and demeanor.
  • The player may find a Double-Barrel Shotgun next to his corpse following completion of Gassed Up.
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