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Jack Matt is a major character and the true secondary antagonist in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Jack Matt was in the Army, but would later become the leader of the Peacekeepers. His pride makes him believe that only he can bring peace and order to Villedor.[1]

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Life in the Army[]

Jack Matt was a Major in the military forces of Villedor. On December 16th, 2024, Captain Posner started an investigation on Jack Matt for Colonel Williams. He had a group of loyal soldiers on his side, and gave Posner the belief that he revels in the power that he has and will always seek more power.[2] It was also stated that Jack Matt runs a tight ship, being both an efficient commander and greatly respected. When Jack Matt heard of the possibility of a THV GenMod bombardment, he acted with great agitation as he did not believe that it was the last chance to save the city. Jack Matt also believed that Colonel Chris Williams had stymied his career, resulting in Major Matt holding a strong grudge against the Colonel.[3]

Following the Black Monday bombings, which saw thousands of people killed and caused the infected to mutate, Captain Posner and his troops returned to a military outpost to restock. They found the ammuniton rackes destroyed and were met by a furious Jack Matt and a handful of his soldiers, with the rest having died during the bombings. Jack Matt claimed that he received no warnings from Colonel Williams, as a result of which the troops were not evacuated.[4]

Somewhere between January 6th and February 10th 2025, Jack Matt organized a rebellion against the military. By February 10th, it had gained momentum with many soldiers deserting the military to rejoin Jack Matt and his forces. The soldiers were primarily motivated to join Jack Matt by the belief that Colonel Williams intentionally did not inform Jack Matt of the evacuation, abandoning his men to die. The investigations of Captain Posner, however, led him to believe that Jack Matt did receive the order but ignored it instead. Whether true or not, the belief of the military was also shared by the citizenry of Villedor, who hated the army. The civilians also attacked the military, led by Juan Rainer as part of his Revolutionary Committee. Sharing a common enemy, Juan Rainer and Jack Matt joined forces, with Old Villedor serving as the primary stage of the fighting.[5]

Founding of the Peacekeepers[]

By the 7th of May, 2025, the rebels of Jack Matt started calling themselves the Peacekeepers, setting up their headquarters aboard a container ship in the Central Loop. Matt started creating his own hierarchy and bestowing his own ranks, also insisting that his followers pledge allegiance solely to him. Captain Posner was convinced that Major Matt was obsessed with killing Colonel Williams in order to hide the truth about him.[6]Jack Matt usually hires people with unique skills like Manfred who tried to hack the Chinese satellite accidently comes in Jack Matt radio and Aiden who he wanted to become his successor.


Satellite Dream[]

Manfred attempts to contact Asia, but accidentally ends up contacting Jack Matt instead.


Show: Satellite Dream

Aiden: "Okay, it's on. I'm calling from Villedor... in Europe... Until now, we thought... that we were the last surviving city in the world... We have some medicine and supplies... What's it like there in Asia... over? Can anyone hear me? Over."
Manfred: "Can anybody hear us?!! Over! We're losing the signal, Aiden! We have to hurry!"
Aiden: "Villedor here... pick up!"
Jack Matt: "He... Who... Er?!"
Manfred: "Keep trying, Aiden... we're losing them! Europe to Asia!!"
Jack Matt: "Aa... Wha... Fu..."
Manfred: "It worked! Aiden, you hear that? It's them!"
Jack Matt: "Aa... Fu... What the fuck, Aiden? What crazy shit are you up to now?"
Aiden: "I know that voice..."
Jack Matt: "This is Jack. How the hell did you hack into an encrypted channel?"
Manfred: "The PK commander? I'm dead. I'm SO dead..."
Jack Matt: "I don't know how you did it, but..."
Aiden: "Jack... this guy here... Manfred... thought he was hacking an old Chinese satellite."
Jack Matt: "Is that so?! I could use a man with his skills. Tell this Manfred to come meet me at the ship."
Manfred: "What..? Me? Th-thank you, I..."
Jack Matt: "And no more hacking... unless it's on MY ORDERS!!"
Aiden: "Well, Manfred, looks like you got yourself a new job."
Manfred: "Yes! And I'll have access to better equipment with the PK too! I'll be able to contact Asia now, for sure... Thank you! Help yourselves to the valuables I've stored under the tower."