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Incense Herbs
Quest Source Request Board in The Tower
Quest Type Side Quest
Difficulty Easy
Objectives *Retrieve 12 Lavender
*Return to Toygar
Reward $1000
3,500 Survivor XP
Previous First Assignment

"Incense Herbs" is a side quest available in Dying Light.

Quest Description

Good God, the Stench! We live in a city whose primary occupants are rotting meat. You can't adapt to it, and you'll never stop noticing it. Well, some of us are doing something about it. We're making incense. We have resin, makko and charcoal - but we need Lavender. It grows on the rocks near the harbor. Collect as much as you can, and bring it to Toygar. Yes, there is a reward, but helping to reduce the stink around here should be enough for you.


  • Find lavender herbs to make incense
  • Deliver lavender to Toygar


The Lavender plants (herbs) are located in the eastern part of the Slums, on and around a pair of rocky islands beyond the barge safe zone. Some linger inside of bushes, so using survivor sense can be valuable to your search. It is much harder to find them on hard mode, as survivor sense can't be used to locate loot.

Return the Tower and give the flowers to Toygar for your reward.


  • When set as your active (or tracked) quest, this is one of the few quests which will spawn you at The Tower upon continuing or starting a campaign game. Thus, if you want to use it to "fast travel", you should leave it incomplete.
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