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"Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink."
Zere quoting The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Dr. Imran Zere is a major character in Dying Light.


Dr. Imran Zere, a scientist working on a cure for the infection, typically stays inside his camper near the Tower. The trailer is guarded by several armed survivors and is a default safe zone. Crane initially meets Dr. Zere in Awakening when the doctor gives Crane his first Antizin dose after a virus-induced seizure that occurs during Rahim's parkour tutorial.

Dr. Zere mentions he had used much of the Tower's Antizin to conduct an experiment with a modified form the virus in the hopes of advancing toward a cure. However, the test seemed to have had little effect. Later it is revealed the experiment led to the creation of Bolters--formerly aggressive Infected who had consumed bait containing the modified virus. Dr. Zere and his far back as Harran's Old Town colleague, Dr. Camden, are hopeful this discovery could lead to a cure in the near future if Dr. Camden can analyze the samples of Bolter tissue.

Later in the game, Zere's safe zone is attacked and set on fire by Rais's bandits after Crane steals plastic explosives from Rais. The bandits kill everyone except for Zere, whom they kidnap. When Crane saves him and asks him about the bolter-tissue sample to deliver to his co-worker in the Cauldron, Zere explains to him that he gave the samples to Jade before he was kidnapped, but before the two can leave, they are ambushed by Rais and his bandits. He is then taken hostage while Crane is put into the Pit. After dealing with the Infected in the arena, Crane finds Zere fatally stabbed with a knife. With his last breath, the doctor tells Crane to save the survivors of Harran.


Killed By:

After fighting a Demolisher, he is stabbed in the gut by a member of Rais's gang and bleeds out.


Show: Awakening

Crane: "Doctor? Hello? Anybody there?"
Zere: "Camden? Are you there? Camden! ... Dammit."
Crane: "Uh... so, I'm supposed to get a vaccine..."
Zere: "What? No, no. Suppressant. It's called Antizin. Suppresses the symptoms. Here, sit. Antizin postpones the inevitable. Best the GRE could do."
Crane: "Inevitable? So... there's no cure?"
Zere: "It's a variation of rabies. There's no cure right now, but you see, I've been running tests on both Antizin and infected tissue. A cure is... possible. Definitely possible."
Crane: "No shit? You really think you can figure it out?"
Zere: "With Dr. Camden's help, yes, I think so. Uh. No where did I put that injector... ?"
Crane: "Who's Dr. Camden?"
Zere: "A colleague. Trapped in Sector 0 - where the outbreak first... well, broke out. We've been collaborating via radio. Though we would have made more progress if the connection were better. Also if my earlier experiments had borne fruit. I tried injecting recombined versions of the virus into chunks of meat and leaving them around the city. Hoping some of the Infected would eat them, so I could observe and document the results..."
Crane: "But they didn't?"
Zere: "It bore no fruit. I'm ashamed that I wasted so much time on it. No reason to hold any Antizin in reserve now, in any case... All right! I'm quite busy! So on your way, now! What was I doing?"

Show: First Assignment

Crane: "Hey-Doc? This is Kyle Crane."
Zere: "Crane? What can I do for you?"
Crane: "I just saw this freaking weird zombie covered in big green blisters. It hauled ass as soon as it spotted me. Do you know anything about it?"
Zere: "Hmm. Not enough information, I'm afraid. But if you see another one, do let me know, will you?"

Show: Siblings

Crane: "Hey, Doc. You got a minute?"
Zere: "Oh-it's... Kane, yes? How can I help you?"
Crane: "Crane. Remember when I told you about that weird Infected I saw? You know, the one who took one look at me and hauled ass away? Well, I just saw another one, and it did the same thing."
Zere: "Hmmm... I believe I HAVE heard your colleagues talk about those creatures. "Bolters", they call them. Apparently they favor certain areas of town over others, but only appear at night... I don't suppose you could catch one, and bring me a sample of its flesh? You see, a thought occured to me - a long shot, I realize - but if these creatures favor areas where I left my experimental "bait"... Well. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Please do obtain a sample. But it has to be fresh, so you have to get it back to me quickly."
Crane: "Ok. And where exactly do I find these things?"
Zere: "I'm told that quartermaster chap has been keeping track of them."

Upon obtaining bolter tissue:

Zere: "Ah, Crane! Come in, come in! Did you get the samples I asked for? (Crane hands the samples) Excellent, excellent! I was just telling Dr. Camden about you."
Camden: "Hello, Mr. Crane. Glad to have you working with us. You sound like an impressive individual."
Zere: "Interesting stuff, what passes for blood in this creature. Photosensitive. Quite deadly if used on a weapon, I'd wager. But I digress! My last bit of reagent here... and a reserve vial of... Oh my word! This tissue! It's testing positive for the recombined virus! Camden! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?"
Camden: "The meat experiment worked!"
Zere: "When I dosed the meat samples with the altered strain? It's HAD AN EFFECT! This could explain all the different mutations! But I can't. Camden could... he has the equipment... but we have no way to get the research to him."
Crane: "You can talk to him on the radio. Why not share info that way?"
Camden: "There's too much data, Crane. It would take years. We'd both be dead and gone before he finished."
Zere: ""Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.""
Crane: "What if I delivered this stuff to you, Dr. Camden? By hand? The data and the tissue samples both?"
Camden: "Crane... getting from there to here would be insanely dangerous."
Crane: "But it could mean a cure, right?"
Zere: "You don't know how much this means, dear boy! To me, to all of us! I'll contact you when everything's ready! You must go now! Much to do! Much to do!"

Show: The Pit

Zere: "Who is it? Who's there?"
Crane: "Relax, Doc. It's me."
Zere: "Crane! Thank God! Listen, this is important! I'm not safe anymore-obviously-but my research must not die with me!"
Crane: "You're not gonna die, Doc! But right now we have to get out of here, so please, lower your voice."
Zere: "Oh! Oh. Yes. All right. But understand-my research. It must reach Dr. Camden! That's why I gave the packages to Jade. I know you said you would deliver them, but she was there, and time being of the essence- (The lights go out)"
Crane: "Doc? (The lights go on)"
Rais: "So. It takes no more than the false hope of rescue to loosen the good doctor's lips. Hunt the Scorpion down. Spare no resource."
Tahir: "With pleasure. And these two? What should we do with them?"
Zere: "You'll never find her! Never! And I'll never talk! You'll get nothing from me!"
Rais: "I am less concerned with making you talk now, Doctor, than I am in preventing your escape. (Stabs Zere in the leg)"
Crane: "You sadistic fuck. He's an old man!"
Rais: "Give the doctor some first aid. And take Crane to the pit."

After clearing the pit:

Crane: "Doc - come on, let's get you out of here."
Zere: "Crane. Save these people... They don't deserve all this."
Rais: "(To his men) You, give me that torch! ... CRANE! (To his men) What are you swin waiting for? SHOOT HIM!"
Crane: "I'm sorry, Doc!"