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Hunting Towers are locations found scattered throughout the Countryside in Dying Light: The Following.

Hunting Towers are small wooden towers that serve as your checkpoints in The Following DLC. These towers are automatically activated once Crane gets in range of them. They will appear on Crane's map as a tower icon once they are activated. Whenever Crane dies, he will respawn in the hunting tower closest to his last place of death. Hunting towers often have a crate on top of them that Crane can open to get some extra items. Some of the crates are unlocked and some are locked with different locking difficulties. Sometimes you'll find blueprints or other collectibles such as racing trophies on top of towers.

Whenever you go to climb a hunting tower, always find the side without railing from the bottom of the tower. You can get on top of a tower by climbing the wooden framework that supports the tower. Towers do not offer complete protection like safe zones do, but normal zombies won't be able to reach Crane while he is on a hunting tower. Virals and Volatiles will be able to climb the towers and attack Crane and any projectiles such as Toad spit or a Demolisher's rock throw can still hit Crane while he is on a tower. A simple fall from the walkway below the roof of a hunting tower should not damage Crane so long as he does not hit an unleveled surface after falling. The walkway of hunting towers are basically right at the height to where Crane will not take damage from the fall, but if he falls any more then he will take some damage.

As a recap, hunting towers are useful in the following ways:

  • They serve as checkpoints for when Crane dies once activated.
  • They will keep Crane away from normal zombies.
  • They often have items on top of them (possibly blueprints, racing trophies or weapons).
  • They are high, so Crane can get a good view of the area around him for navigation purposes.
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