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"Hunting Goon" is a side quest available in Dying Light.

All you need is kill a goon and loot him, then come back to Dahlia for a potion and blueprint. The potion has a side effect of slowing you down by 99%.


Dahlia's first potion effectively made me invisible to the infected, but it only lasted for 15 seconds, and severely distorted my motor coordination. It's as debilitating as it is useful. Perhaps a stronger potion would have fewer effects-or at least last a bit longer.

  • Dahlia requires ingredients for her potion
Dahlia can create a more effective elixir, but she requires the liver from a powerful infected.
  • Take the potion
If I want a more powerful elixir, I can return to Dahlia, and she'll send me to collect the agents she'll need to produce it.

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