"You don't know how valuable you are! (fvck you Hostile Survivors)"
—Sector 0 Hostile Survivor

Hostile Survivors are unaligned roaming bandits in Dying Light and The Following, found in Old Town and the Countryside.


In Dying Light, they appear only in Old Town as unique enemies hostile to Kyle Crane, and are often found fighting off the infected on their own or up to groups of three. Upon seeing the player, they will attack on the basis of Crane being one of Brecken's runners. Relatively unskilled, they can be grappled by both the player and infected. They wield a leveled melee weapon, along with a chance of a throwing weapon. They do not appear to attack Rais's Men, and vice-versa.

In The Following, groups of hostile survivors take head of the story as a faction initially controlling much of the Countryside's water supply and are the original owners of the Buggy. They take the role formerly owned by Rais' Men in racing the player to claim supply drops, and also harass cultists similar to survivors in Old Town, and also have a random chance to appear around cars to loot. They are aligned with the remnants of Rais' men, as a bandit group instructed to poison the water is lead by one. They are notably more dangerous compared to the ones found in Sector 0, as they are sometimes found armed with military rifles.


Hostile Survivors wear face coverings such as turbans, balaclavas, or dust masks, and wear general running gear or loose clothing. In The Following, organized groups of hostile survivors wearing full green outfits, and some may be found with heavy armor and cool things


  • Much like Rais's Men, they will surrender when the player has a firearm active and pointed at them.
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