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"Believers! Recently we provided you with maps of places the Volatiles use as breeding grounds. You must add a new location: the cliffside cave, near the altar. The cave is the closest and newest hive, and thus the most dangerous. Keep away from it at all costs."
Quest introduction

Heart of darkness is a side quest available in Dying Light: The Following.[1]


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Destroy the Volatile hive


The note can be found on the board in Bilal's Tar & Dust Workshop. The hive is located along the eastern shoreline, just east of the Granary. The entrance to the cave is located in the cliffside connected to the shore, and cannot be entered from above.

The hive is home to Virals, Volatiles and a Toad during the day. The Volatiles will be absent at night, but some of the biters can turn into Night Walkers instead. The hive is home to four nests.

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The quest serves as an introduction to Volatile hives and their mechanics, explaining how after clearing a hive the Volatile population will decrease and make the night somewhat safer.



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