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"Health Potion" is a side quest available in Dying Light. It is started in Old Town.


One of the kids in the daycare is diabetic. Her name is Alya, and Rupert says she'll go into a coma if she doesn't get some insulin soon. I'm going to the pharmacy to see if I can find some.

  • Search for Insulin in the pharmacies
There's no Insulin here, but Troy says this store is part of a chain. I can use the computer to see if there are other locations in town. 
  • Use the computer to find the transaction history
  • Search the apartment
I've found a note left by Alya's father. It says he was going to get Ayla's insulin, then go to a pizzeria to bring home dinner and then get Alya from the daycare center. Since I know he got the Insulin and he never made it to the daycare center, perhaps he's somewhere near the pizzeria. I'll have to look for him there.
  • Find Alya's father
I found Alya's father in the restaurant. He was dead. Fortunately, he still had Alya's medication with him. Now I have to get back to Rupert as fast as I can.
  • Return to Rupert with Alya's medication
I've brought the Insulin back to Rupert. Alya is going to be fine.

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