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"What the fuck, Crane! I'm no leader! I'm a goddamn parkour instructor!"
Harris Brecken

Brecken is a major character that appears in Dying Light and the deuteragonist in the full game.


Brecken is an ex-Parkour instructor who came to Harran with nothing but "Business Cards" in his pocket. But as told by Rahim, he set up The Tower with a group of runners as a Safe Haven during the outbreak. Prior to the mission "Airdrop", he went after a night drop with his runners, lost all to Biters and then got beaten savagely by Rais's men. A sidequest called "Mother's Day" is Crane finding anti-seizure drugs for Brecken.

He is the Tower's leader and is affiliated with Spike and Dr. Zere. He has strong beliefs and strength which people look up to. He was last seen on "The Pit" of the main storyline. From then, you cannot find him in the tower or on any side missions, only sound emissions on side missions can you hear Brecken.

In the "Run Boy Run" trailer, you can see Brecken running for an air drop, and when he finally gets to it, he gets hit in the back of the head by an unknown person with a bat. That later on tells us how he got his head injuries during the main storyline.


Brecken wears a yellow t-shirt with slightly tiny rips in the chest and shoulder area along with brown cargo pants and light brown boots.

In the "Run Boy Run" Trailer, Brecken wears the same t-shirt but with what appears to be white bandages around his arm and hand, brown cargo pants, and black running sneakers.



  • Brecken appears in the Dying Light "Run Boy Run" Trailer and shows exactly how he received his head injuries.[1]
  • He was originally supposed to be a playable character (along side Kyle Crane and Rahim Aldemir), but it was changed last minute.