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"What the fuck, Crane! I'm no leader! I'm a goddamn parkour instructor!"
Harris Brecken

Harris Brecken is a major character that appears in Dying Light and the deuteragonist in the full game.


Harris Brecken was a former parkour instructor from the United Kingdom that initially arrived in Harran seeking better life opportunities. According to a conversation between himself and Kyle Crane, Brecken arrived in Harran virtually broke, with nothing "but business cards in his pocket." Despite this, during the initial Harran outbreak, Brecken proved himself a natural leader, gathering survivors into a residential apartment in the Slums. As leader, Brecken utilized his previously "useless" parkour skills and taught numerous volunteers different parkour skills throughout the Slums. This group of volunteers became known as "Runners".

During this period, Brecken became acquainted with former kickboxing champion Jade "The Scorpion" Aldemir and her younger brother Rahim Aldermir. The Aldemir siblings became one of Brecken's most trusted advisors, with Brecken eventually viewing them as family. Additionally, Brecken and the Tower became associates with Dr. Imran Zere, who inspired Brecken to provide resources in his work for a cure. Although reluctant, Brecken appointed engineer Rudolph "Spike" to oversee Zere's research and ensure his protection in the nearby "Courtyard". Lastly, Brecken became romantically involved with Tower Chief Medical Officer, Lena.

As the outbreak progressed, and the Harran quarantine zone was established, Brecken's group of survivors came into conflict with Kadir "Rais" Suleiman and his gang. Heavily outgunned against Rais' gang, Brecken and his Runners actively sought to avoid conflict with the group, however, this resulted in losses to both Runners and Airdrops, as Rais' gang was often able to seize the GRE-backed airdrops.

In 2015, GRE Kyle Crane arrived in Harran under orders to recover a stolen GRE file held by Rais. Three days following his recovery by Jade, Brecken was alerted to a new airdrop made by the GRE. Upon his awakening, Crane was tasked with ensuring Brecken's mission succeeded by reactivating the power and traps across the Slums. Following the completion of his objectives, Brecken led his team of Runners in securing the newly-arrived Airdrop. Although his team was massacred by hibernating Volatiles, Brecken narrowly arrived at the airdrop site, however, he was brutally ambushed by Rais' gang. Left for dead, Brecken was narrowly recovered by Runners before sundown.

Following his recovery, Brecken met with Tower leadership and discussed the situation. Desperate for Antizin, Brecken reluctantly agreed to let newcomer Kyle Crane deal with Rais for vials of Antizin. During Crane's stint with Rais, an outbreak broke out in the Tower's 18th floor. Seeking to save as many lives as possible, Brecken made the erroneous decision to delay quarantining the infected apartment. As a result, the entire inhabitants of the 18th floor was infected. Traumatized by his mistake, Brecken froze up, forcing Lena to order the entire lockdown of the 18th floor.

Upon Crane's return, Brecken openly questioned his leadership ability to the GRE-runner, divulging his mistakes and insecurities. Nevertheless, at the urging of Crane, Brecken resumed his leadership of the Tower. Days later, following Crane and Jade's raid on Rais' gang's arms cache in a nearby school, Brecken firmly opposed Rahim's request to utilize the newly-discovered plastic explosives for any offensive action. Despite his orders, Rahim defied Brecken, as he and Omar went ahead with their plans in destroying the viral-infested apartment building.

Upon learning of his actions, Brecken furiously ordered Crane to bring Rahim back to the Tower. However, Rahim was mercy-killed by Crane upon transforming into a Viral. Despite electing to not inform Jade of Rahim's death, the former kickboxer nonetheless stumbled upon their conversation, and left the tower in anger. Moments later, the duo witnessed Rais's attack on the Courtyard, as Brecken ordered Crane to protect Dr. Zere.

Despite their best efforts, Dr. Zere was killed by Rais. Brecken later recovered an unconscious Crane, who had suffered severe seizures from the infection. Taking him to a nearby barge, the duo learned that Jade had volunteer to transport Zere's research to Dr. Allen Camden in Old Town. Seeking to locate her, Brecken advised Crane to seek the help of The Saviors, a smuggling group with ties to Old Town. However, Crane later alerted Brecken to the Saviors' betrayal, allowing Brecken to notify other survivor communities to avoid further interaction with the traitorous group.

Following the death of Rais, it was strongly implied that Brecken abandoned the survivors of the Tower, likely suffering from the guilt of causing the deaths of his allies. However, Brecken's ultimate fate remained unknown.

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As a former parkour instructor, Brecken has a muscular build, well-suited for traversing the infected streets and rooftops across Harran with ease. In keeping with the standard-issue Runners outfit, Brecken wore a yellow round-collared t-shirt, brown cargo pants equipped with knee guards and light brown boots. Following his ambush by Rais' gang, Brecken was provided with bandages wrapped across his head.


Show: Airdrop

Lena: "For God's sake, you can't even walk straight! We need you alive, you idiot!"
Jade: "(To crane) Okay, we're going in. Act confident. Brecken. Lena."
Lena: "Maybe you can get through to him!"
Brecken: "Jade. Who's your friend?"
Crane: "Kyle Crane."
Jade: "Look, Brecken, the last thing we need is for you to go back out there. We can figure out another way. Without jeopardizing you. Right, Crane?"
Crane: "I'll go. I'll do it."
Jade: "Right! Yes! Crane will go. He'll be happy to."
Brecken: "Jesus. No offense, friend, but you're as green as grass. You can't just-"
Jade: "Crane will manage. He'll start in the right spot. And Lena's right: you need to be here, taking care of the Tower. Convincing them the world's not over yet."
Brecken: "Ah, hell. Maybe... one more try before we go to Rais. Yeah... okay. Fine. Good luck... Crane. Jade. A moment?"
Jade: "(To Crane) Head for the Cauldron. I'll be in touch shortly."

Upon returning from the aidrop run:

Runner: "Brecken, come on... I mean, we need Antizin, I know, but buying from Rais? You can't be serious..."
Jade: "For God's sake, I'll go. I'm not scared."
Brecken: "Absolutely not. We've discussed that already."
Jade: "We didn't discuss it. You just decided that I-"
Crane: "I'll go."
Jade: "Are you serious?"
Crane: "Well... this Rais guy has never seen my face before. Clean slate. Right?"
Brecken: "Could you guys give Crane and me the room, please? (Once the room is empty) You're sure you're up for this?"
Crane: "Has to be done, doesn't it?"
Brecken: "Well, I'm not gonna argue. Rais's place is over here. Just... find out what this'll cost us, and come back in one piece."

Show: Pact with Rais

Brecken: "Crane. How you doing, mate?"
Crane: "I'm running errands for Rais. He wields a lot of power. Scares a lot of people."
Brecken: "Damn right, he does. Listen, mate, time's getting short. We're almost out of Antizin, and much as I hate to admit it, I'm getting worried."
Crane: "I'm doing the best I can out here, Brecken."
Brecken: "I know. I know. I understand. I just want you to be aware of the stakes."
Crane: "I'm infected too, remember? Believe me, I'm motivated."
Brecken: "All right... all right. Here's hoping you can make it back to the Tower soon."

After extorting the ferry station:

Brecken: "Crane! Crane, do you copy?"
Crane: "I copy. What's wrong?"
Brecken: "Someone's turned on the 18th floor! We're doing our best to containt the situation, but... I can't sugar-coat this, Crane. We need Antizin right FUCKING now."
Crane: "Rais has promised me two crates, Brecken. Two crates. I'm doing this as fast as I can, I swear."
Brecken: "Just... God. Just hurry. Please."

Upon returning at the Tower and delivering the Antizin:

Brecken: "(Watches a static TV) This is where we get the announcements about the Antizin drops. And they've just... stopped. There were KIDS in there. I... I froze. Lena had to step up... Maybe she should be in charge. What the fuck, Crane, I'm no leader! I'm a goddamn parkour instructor!"
Crane: "So-all the free running. That was you? Brecken, you showed these people how to survive."
Brecken: "You know what my pockets were full of when I showed up in Harran? Fucking business cards. I was hoping to drum up some more students. Maybe get enough so I could save up and buy a house, instead of that poxy little flat I've been renting. Listen... I'm going to go talk to Rais myself."
Crane: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on a minute. Brecken, these people still need you. Just give me some time, all right? There's got to be another way. A better way."
Brecken: "... Fine. I'll wait. But no [sic] for long."
Crane: "(Upon leaving) Finally, I get to do some actual good!"

Show: Siblings

Crane: "Brecken! Brecken, do you copy?"
Brecken: "Yeah, I copy. What is it?"
Crane: "I'm on my way to get Rahim."
Brecken: "Rahim? He's here in the Tower."
Crane: "No, he's not. He and Omar went to blow that nest, and now they're in trouble."
Brecken: "THEY WHAT?! Fuck! Where'd they get the explosives?"
Crane: "I... look, I stole them from Rais."
Brecken: "Oh, Jesus H. CHRIST."
Crane: "I'm close. I'll get him to safety, Brecken."
Brecken: "You damn well better. You save him, you hear me? You save him, so I can kick his fucking ass... Does Jade know about this?"
Crane: "No, she doesn't."
Brecken: "Well for God's sake, don't tell her. She'll go out looking for him and I don't need her getting herself killed too. GODDAMN IT! -"

After checking the overpass:

Crane: "Brecken! It's me. I found Omar's body on the overpass. No trace of Rahim."
Brecken: "Shit... Any idea where he'd go?"
Crane: "I told him to hide in the train yard."
Brecken: "You find him! You hear me? That little bastard better be alive..."

After Rahim is killed:

Brecken: "Crane! Do you copy? What's going on?"
Crane: "Brecken... Rahim... Rahim's dead."
Brecken: "Fuck!... Get back here. And don't say a word to Jade. Not yet."

Back in the Tower:

Crane: "Brecken?"
Brecken: "How did he die?"
Crane: "I... I had to kill him. It was to late. He turned. I had no choice, I swear. Look, he was my friend too. He was the best one I had here."
Brecken: "I know. I know... He frustrated the shit out of me sometimes, but I loved him like he was my own kin. Another dead friend. Another dead brother..."
Crane: "I trusted him. I trusted him with those explosives... God, maybe if I didn't leave him there... he would still be alive. (Jade walks in) Oh, no... Jade-"
Brecken: "Jade. Wait!"
Crane: "Jade - God DAMN it!"
Brecken: "Just - just give her time. She needs to grieve. (Explosion) Zere! SHIT! Get down there! We can't let them take him!"

Show: The Pit

Crane: "Brecken, Zere's been kidnapped. His trailer's on fire."
Brecken: "God damn it! You see what happens when you fuck with Rais? You should never have hit that school! Some of our people spotted a big knot of bandits heading back to Rais's Garrison. That's got to be where they took Zere. You go there and you find him and you bring him back alive. You hear me?"

Upon arriving at Rais's Garrison:

Crane: "Brecken? The Garrison's shut down... The doors are sealed off... I don't think I can get in."
Brecken: "Find another way in, then. Check the back. But don't take any stupid chances. Those bastards'll rip you apart if they get the opportunity."

Upon climbing the building:

Crane: "Okay - found an entrance. Can't say it was easy, though. I'm going in."
Brecken: "Just keep your eyes open. Good luck in there."

After checking the Garrison:

Crane: "Brecken, I couldn't find Zere inside. The building looks empty, though."
Brecken: "There's an underground level... Maybe he's down there."

At the Ferry Station:

Crane: "(Checks his watch) Shit!"
Brecken: "You alright?"
Crane: "Where am I?"
Brecken: "I had to hide you at the pier. Half of Rais's men are after you. Whatever you've done, it's really put them on the warpath."
Crane: "I have to talk to Jade. Zere gave her his research..."
Brecken: "She took it to Camden-or she tried to. Camden radioed that Rais's thugs had found his lab, so he flooded it with biters and barricaded himself in the middle. Now, he's trapped. Then the connection failed. We haven't been able to raise him since."
Crane: "I'm going after her. How was she getting in? That part of town is sealed off."
Brecken: "There's a group called "The Saviors" that smuggles people through. They have a den at Nico's Bar in the cauldron, near the highway. The contact's name is Cenk."
Crane: "Do you have enough runners to cover air drops?"
Brecken: "The air drops stopped 36 hours ago. There won't be any more. We're out of time, Crane."
Crane: "Shit... all right. I don't know if I can fix this, but I'm sure as hell going to try."
Brecken: "You know, most men in your situation would crawl in a hole and hide. Hats off to you, mate. And good luck."

Show: The Saviors

Brecken: "Crane? One more thing, mate. Do you remember that girl from Sector 0? Troy..."
Crane: "Yeah... she called to thank me after I get the antenna towers working."
Brecken: "You should contact her when you get there."
Crane: "Yes, that's a good idea. Thanks, Brecken."
Brecken: "Right... you take care!"

Upon escaping the sewers:

Crane: "Brecken, do you copy? Crane here."
Brecken: "What's going on, mate?"
Crane: "Tell everyone to stay away from the Saviors. They sold me out to Rais. I barely made it out alive."
Brecken: "Shit. I hope you're okay. Be sure to contact Troy, when you get to Sector 0. She's the only friendly face you have over there."
Crane: "Got it! Will do! Keep your fingers crossed for me."


  • "Attention everyone. This is Brecken. If anyone sees Dawud, get him back to the Tower ASAP! He's got a gun, I repeat: he's got a GUN. He winged a guard on his way out." – During Gunslinger, after going to Dawud's workshop.



  • Brecken appears in the Dying Light "Run Boy Run" trailer and shows exactly how he received his head injuries.[1]
  • He was originally supposed to be a playable character (alongside Kyle Crane and Rahim Aldemir).