The Harran Public School is a location featured in Dying Light. At the start of the outbreak, the school was used as a quarantine zone, but the enclave collapsed. Eventually the infected were cleared out and the school once again became a safe zone.

It initially served as an outpost for Kadir "Rais" Suleiman and his gang, in which they stored dynamite and other supplies. During the main story quest Siblings, Jade Aldemir and Kyle Crane infiltrate the school and confront the thugs, killing many and forcing the rest to flee.

After the bandits are expelled, former candidate for governor Erol Asani and his small group of survivors take refuge within the school afterwards. Erol is joined by his wife Saliha, and their son Eren. They are all protected by Edward, their bodyguard. Eccentric inventors Tolga and Fatin briefly shelter within the walls of the school.

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