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"Hardware" is a side quest available in Dying Light.

Tolga and Fatin have contacted you once again and they will be located at the Fisherman settlement. They want you to collect 10 power cables and 10 rolls of duct tape. After receiving the items they will ask you to go to the Infamy Bridge and zip line to the military setup to obtain a portable sonar system. The sonar is at the back tent and is very close to the rear tent's entrance. Grab the sonar and Tolga and Fatin will tell you they do not need it at the moment, but to hold onto it for later. This completes the quest.

The military tents and police vans are full of loot, especially medkits and gauze from inside the tents, but there are lots of biters.


Tolga and Fatin have called me up again. They're at a Fisherman's hut. Better go see what they want.

  • Report to Tolga and Fatin
  • The twins need some materials
There is a military base on the other side of the collapsed bridge. I will zip-line across to it. I have to find a military-grade mobile sonar unit and bring it to the brothers.
  • Acquire the sonar from the field HQ which is located on the bridge
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