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"On behalf of all its whores, bandits and idiots, I christen you a citizen of Villedor."
Hakon to Aiden

Hakon is a main character featured in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Hakon is a member of the Nightrunners, a faction that used to help people even in the dangers of the night but eventually disappeared.[1]Hakon was a loyal member, but turned on Frank after being blackmailed by Waltz to either back out or witness Waltz kill Lawan.

Aiden Caldwell first meets Hakon as he enters the City, where Hakon saves him from being hanged by the people of the Bazaar. Hakon then gives Aiden an inhibitor and helps him obtain a biomarker.

Hakon agrees to help Aiden find passage through to the Central Loop, which for the first part of the game is locked off and being protected by the Peacekeepers.

Later, he confronts Aiden in the church and demands him to give the key to him, but Aiden refuses. Depending on the player’s choices, Hakon will either die at the hands of Aiden himself in self-defense, Lawan, who showed up for revenge, or be spared and saved.

Hakon’s survival will also determine Lawan’s fate towards the end, where if Aiden decides to let Lawan destroy the missiles before they launch, Hakon will save her from certain death if he is alive. Otherwise, Lawan will end up sacrificing herself to save Villedor.

If Hakon is alive, he can end up traveling with Aiden outside of Villedor when the latter leaves the city, like Hakon desired.

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Appearance and gear[]

Hakon is a fit caucasian man with black hair and a small mustache. He wears brown sneakers with white soles, blue jeans, a white sweater under a military green raincoat with a military Y-vest secured with a dark green plastic buckle, and a stitched-up black cloak over his back and shoulders. He additionally wears a dark gray forearm guard secured by a brown belt, and wears his biomarker in his right wrist.

He is seen using several different weapons during the campaign. In Old Villedor, he is seen using a Nailed Stick. When he confronts Aiden in the Central Loop, Hakon uses an M-Axe hatchet and throwing knives.


Getting Stronger[]

During this quest, Hakon saves Aiden from being executed by the Bazaar folk and then tries to get some loot for him in order to obtain a Biomarker.

Markers of Plague[]

Go to the Saint Joseph Hospital with Hakon to obtain a Biomarker.

The Only Way Out[]

Attempt to find a way to the Central Loop using Villedor's metro tunnels.


Show: Getting Stronger

Hakon: "Leave him the fuck alone!"
Bazaar Man: "Hakon! He's about to turn!"
Hakon: "That his problem? Thought it was a sneezing fit."
Bazaar Man: "But he's an outsider! He must be killed!"
Hakon: "He's with me, you got that? Didn't I tell you not to go anywhere without me? Didn't I fucking tell you?"
Aiden: "Who the fuck are you...?"
Hakon: "They'll tear you apart. Sssh. Not now."
(At Sarah and Jana's workshop)
Hakon: "Jana, get the inhibitors!"
Jana: "Who the fuck is it?"
Hakon: "Just hurry, will you?! Bring 'em here! Ah, fuck... you prick... fuckin' prick!"
(After Aiden wakes up)
Sarah: "He's moving! Hakon! Kill him, Hakon! Kill him before I do it for you."
Hakon: "Relax. Breathe. Seems he hasn't turned."
Sarah: "'Seems'? Hakon, I don't want... that... here."
Hakon: "You've come back to us. Blink if you understand."
Aiden: "Fuck, my head."
Hakon: "You were on the verge of turning, but UV light and inhibitors pulled you back. The bat helped, too, of course. You're alive. Let's keep it that way."
Sarah: "Guy almost kills us all and you're chatting him up?"
Hakon: "Girls, relax. They're frightened. You almost destroyed their workshop. We need to move out. Can you walk?"
Aiden: "But I... don't understand. Where're we going?"
Hakon: "To a safe place."
Aiden: "I gotta get to the Fish Eye."
Hakon: "The Fish Eye? Without a biomarker, you won't get near it."
Aiden: "What the hell is that?"
Hakon: "Biomarker? Monitors the disease's progression in the dark. That's your ticket into the city. Without it... Stepping out of the light is sort of a lottery. You don't know when you'll turn. You need a biomarker and I know where to find one. Come on."
Sarah: "Fuck, Hakon! He's turning again."
Hakon: "Relax. Everything's under control. It'll be fine. You're weak. Take a minute. Drink."
Jana: "Seriously? What next? Maybe we should draw him a bath?"
Hakon: "Sounds pretty cozy to me, ladies. Hmmm... maybe next time."
Jana: "Get bent, Hakon."
Hakon: "She adores me."
Aiden: "Why are you helping me?"
Hakon: "Let's get to know each other and find out. You go first. Where'd you get all those?"
Aiden: "None of your business."
Hakon: "You're careful. Good... you'll live longer. You a real Pilgrim? Or just steal that badge?"
Aiden: "I'm a... I was a Pilgrim."
Hakon: "An hour to dusk."
Sarah: "I'm serious, Hakon. He's not staying the night here."
Hakon: "Here. Your weapon and your radio. Not even a Pilgrim could get by without that. C'mon. Let's go."
(Upon leaving the workshop)
Aiden: "Not bad. Where is the Fish Eye?"
Hakon: "The Canteen is there. In the Center. Past the chemical dumps."
Aiden: "I need to get there."
Hakon: "Too bad. Only way to go's through the tunnel. They protect it like a portal to the fuckin' Valhalla. Near impossible to get through."

Aiden: "(How do I get to the tunnel?) It's my specialty. Where's the tunnel?"
Hakon: "Not so fast, cowboy. You won't get far without a biomarker. You're a threat to everyone. And you've already seen how people in Villedor react to a threat."
Aiden: "(Can you help me get there?) Well, can you help me? You seem to be familiar with the city."
Hakon: "I've lived in this city since before the world got fucked up. I could help you, but you need a biomarker. You won't get far without it. Where you from? Pretty far, I guess."
Aiden: "About 2000 kilometers."
Hakon: "Oh shit. How the heck did you not get infected?"
Aiden: "That's easy. Didn't let 'em bite me."
Hakon: "Here, it's different. Here, we're all infected. Heard of Harran? They isolated Villedor, too. They built walls. They locked us in. Turned out to be the thing that saved us."
Aiden: "And how do you get a biomarker?"
Hakon: "Uh, you can't get them... Unless you know the right people. And I do. Let's go. By the way... I'm Hakon."
Aiden: "I'm Aiden."
Hakon: "Nice to meet you, Aiden. Welcome to Paradise."

(While following Hakon)
Aiden: "You do know the moves."
Hakon: "I was in the military."
Aiden: "Special unit?"
Hakon: "For seven years. I even liked it. 'Cept, when I didn't. For insubordination, got blacklisted and they zeroed my bank account. Ended up driving a cab."
Aiden: "Ouch. How the mighty have fallen."
Hakon: "Fuck you. At least I got to know my way around the city. Come on."
(After falling while climbing the advertisement)
Hakon: "You're too weak. Without an inhibitor, you won't last."
Aiden: "Didn't I smash everything in sight last time you gave it to me?"
Hakon: "That was just the first time. But then it gets better. If you survive, of course. Catch!"
Aiden: "You're telling me I could've died?"
Hakon: "If I hadn't given it to you, you would have died anyway."
(At the Roof Grove)
Aiden: "So... Why are you helping me?"
Hakon: "I know people are generally scared of you guys. But one Pilgrim saved my life."
Aiden: "I was a Pilgrim. Now I'm infected. It will be much harder to travel."
Hakon: "Then welcome to your new beginning, my friend. Check out this place. They're like treasure chests. Usually got good stuff in 'em. Check it out. I'll wait."
(After finding a crystal core)
Aiden: "What's that?"
Hakon: "Crystals. Someone must've stashed them here. They formed after the chemicals were dumped on us. Some believe they delay infection. Folk superstition."
Aiden: "So you don't collect them?"
Hakon: "Sure I do... Superstitious people pay a fortune for them. And I am always happy to take someone's cash. There's one specific chest I'm after. C'mon, lemme show you."
(Upon encountering the Peacekeeper squad)
Aiden: "So, you have an... army here?"
Hakon: "Ugh. The Peacekeepers. They treat people like that, too. Watch out for them. They guard the tunnel you want to go through."
Aiden: "(I've handled these kinds of guys before.) On the trail, I met a lotta tough guys who talked about... the 'new order'. It always seemed like the same old shit to me."
Hakon: "Yep, it's like that here, too. And the PKs are getting worse."
Aiden: "(Tell me more about them.) Tell me more about them."
Hakon: "They consider themselves righteous protectors. They are good at killing infected, so you gotta give 'em credit for that."
Aiden: "Pretty efficient killers."
Hakon: "Yeah, but their "righteousness" comes with a price. Always remember this: you either play by their rules or you're fucked. Their "protection" of the Bazaar is more like an occupation."
Aiden: "(I'll watch out for them.) I'll proceed with caution."
Hakon: "Good. Though it might not help. The PK are a pain. Seriously riling up the Bazaar folks. The Bazaar is a box of dynamite one spark away from blowing up."
Aiden: "Hey... Are we going? You, uh, wanted to show me something?"
Hakon: "Sure. Follow me."
(At the airdrop)
Hakon: "It's getting dark. They are about to wake up. Quickly! Open the chest. In return, we'll get your biomarker... Fuck. Thieves..."
Aiden: "Wait."
Hakon: "No, no, leave it. Mess up that lock and everything's fucked anyway!"
Aiden: "Enough for a biomarker?"
Hakon: "Where'd you get that? I been all over this city more than most, but even I haven't seen working GRE equipment for years."

Aiden: "(Better for you not to know.)"
Aiden: "(From a GRE scientist.) Can't say much, but a former GRE scientist, Dylan, gave it to me. A guy named Waltz killed him. Before he died, Dylan gave me the key, to keep it from Waltz. It contains important information, apparently. Hope to find out more in Fish Eye."
Hakon: "Hmm. We'll have to see, won't we? Fuck me. We took too long. Plan B. Run like hell. AIDEN! Are you there?"
Aiden: "I'm okay... I think."
Hakon: "We need to find a UV lamp. The Bazaar! We can make it. Follow me. Quick."

(At the Bazaar)
Hakon: "Open up! Hello?! Stand in the light."
Aiden: "Hakon..."
Hakon: "C'mon! Open up! Now!"
Aiden: "Hakon... a Howler's coming."
Hakon: "Fuck."
Guard: "Biomarkers."
Hakon: "There's no time! We got a Howler on our asses!"
Guard: "Biomarkers."
Hakon: "Didn't you hear? Behind us..."
Guard: "I said - biomarkers!"
Hakon: "Here."
Guard: "And his?"
Hakon: "He's with me."
Guard: "I have to see his biomarker."
Hakon: "Let us just inside the door at least!"
Guard: "I need to see his biomarker."
Hakon: "Aaarhgh! How about some electronics, huh? FUCKER! Open up! Ah-ha... You piece of..."
(Howler spots the pair and howls)
Aiden: "Hakon... it's calling its friends."
Hakon: "We need to get to Cillian. There's no time! Run, Aiden!"
(At Cillian's hideout)
Hakon: "CILLIAN! It's me, open up!"
Aiden: "No friends here, huh?"
Hakon: "CILLIAN! Keep them busy. Cillian! Fuck, Cillian! Come on! Cillian! Hope you trip over my body this morning and get killed! Asshole! Stop them!"
(After ending the chase)
Aiden: "That all of them?"
Hakon: "Think so. Help me."
(Upon reaching the door)
Aiden: "We're so fucked..."
Hakon: "Hah... Godammit, Cillian! Should've waited a while longer."
Cillian: "Almost did. Didn't wanna clean your guts off my doorstep in the morning. They've left. So can you."
Hakon: "C'mon, stop being such a bastard already. Look at this."
Cillian: "Where did you...? That's rare!"
Hakon: "Invite us in or it'll get even more rare."
Cillian: "And who is this?"

Aiden: "(First, let us in.)"
Aiden: "(Aiden, a pilgrim.) I'm a Pilgrim."
Cillian: "Haven't been here long, have you? How did you get into town?"
Aiden: "I'll tell you everything. Just let us in."
Cillian: "I waited for a Pilgrim once. He was supposed to... Ah, forget it... It doesn't matter anymore. What are you up to, Hakon, huh?"
Hakon: "I gave him an inhibitor. He survived."
Cillian: "Are you mad?"
Hakon: "He needs a biomarker."
Cillian: "Don't have one."
Hakon: "Bullshit."
Cillian: "Seriously."
Hakon: "Motherfucker... The hospital then. I was hoping to avoid it."
Cillian: "Always looking for an easy way, huh, Hakon?"
Aiden: "I just need a UV lamp."
Hakon: "I'll come back for you. Hold tight."
Cillian: "Hakon... Why are you helping him, huh?"
Hakon: "Remember when we used to help people?"
Cillian: "Me, sure. But I doubt you do."
Hakon: "Stay here and rest by the lamp. And don't listen to that dumbass."
Cillian: "Idiot...! We used to help people, remember...? Sure I remember... you moron..."
Show: Markers of Plague

Hakon: "Mornin', HQ here, hospital ride needed, copy?"
Aiden: "Very funny. Did you make it?"
Hakon: "Almost. Biomarkers are at the GRE Hospital. I'll be there shortly, but to get the job done, I need you to join me."
Aiden: "Where should I go?"
Hakon: "With Cillian's door to your back, you'll be pointing right at it. Hold the line."
(After leaving Cillian's Hideout)
Hakon: "Keep to the roofs, 'cause if the howlers spot you..."
Aiden: "Yeah, I know. Don't wanna go up against any of those any time soon."
Hakon: "Once I was taking my second wife to the hospital. Never drove that fast in my life. Her waters broke three months early."
Aiden: "You have kids?"
Hakon: "There was no saving that one. And other than that, none that I know of..."
Aiden: "Sorry."
Hakon: "It's fine. What normal person would want his kids to see a world like this?"
(At the hospital entrance)
Aiden: "The lock is broken."
Hakon: "Don't worry. Find the old bus."
Aiden: "A bus?"
Hakon: "At Zero Hour, a bus crashed into the hospital. Broke through the wall. You can use it to get inside."
Aiden: "Since no one could get in, there's a good chance they'll be some markers left."
(Once through the bus)
Aiden: "I'm at the main entrance."
Hakon: "I marked a safe route for you. I'm waiting by the lobby."
(In the hospital room)
Hakon: "Door's locked. You know how to open locks?"
Aiden: "Sure. Turn the key."
Hakon: "What if you don't have a key?"
Aiden: "Hakon... I've traveled thousands of kilometers. You think doors are a problem for me?"
Hakon: "Okay, just checking. I think this room should have all the instruments you need, maestro."
(After obtaining scraps)
Aiden: "I found some scrap."
Hakon: "You can make lockpicks out of that. Ha. Good work."
(After picking the lock)
Hakon: "You didn't lie. You know your stuff."
Aiden: "Had no other choice. Was forced to know my stuff."
(At the elevator doors)
Hakon: "Some help?"
Aiden: "Here you go."
Hakon: "Argh..."
Aiden: "Argh..."
Hakon: "That won't work. Shh... Let's go, this way. Darkzone in front of us. Keep quiet."
(After the flashback)
Hakon: "Aiden. Everything okay?"
Aiden: "Yeah..."
Hakon: "You sure? Talk to me."

Aiden: "(My head's spinning.)"
Aiden: "(This hospital... I've been somewhere like this.) This hospital... I've been in one like this before."
Hakon: "A GRE facility? Well, there are a few of them around the city."
Aiden: "I'm having these... these memories. The person I'm looking for is Mia. She's my sister. I told you about Waltz before."
Hakon: "Mentioned something, yeah..."
Aiden: "Don't know, it's all mixed up in my head."
Hakon: "You suppressed the memory... Like I did of my third wife. I'm sure the infection ain't helping. Chin up. We'll find the marker and clear out. Let's go."
Aiden: "Thanks."

(At the sleeping biters)
Hakon: "Shhh..."
Aiden: "Sleeping beauties."
Hakon: "Yeah ... we have to walk past them. If you crouch and move slowly, they shouldn't notice you. Get too close and you're done for. You probably know that already."
Aiden: "I do, yeah."
(Upon being reunited with Hakon)
Aiden: "Argh-hrhh! What is that?"
Hakon: "Chemicals. Nasty shit. When they lost control of the virus, the GRE started spraying the whole city with that filth. Worked out great for 'em, huh?"
Aiden: "Mhm."
(While following Hakon)
Hakon: "So... This guy you told me about... What was his name? Waltz?"
Aiden: "Yes."
Hakon: "Why did you mention him?"
Aiden: "'Cause I remember... he was doing some kind of experiments."
Hakon: "He wasn't the only one doing them. There were more cities like Villedor. With walls, cut off from the rest of the world... Many people were working toward a vaccine, Aiden. But... well, the world is full of shitheads."
(At the elevator)
Hakon: "All right. Argh! Be careful. It's not stable. C'mon..."
Aiden: "Oh fuck."
Hakon: "Slowly... Slowly..."
Aiden: "Aaaaagh!"
Hakon: "You alive?"
Aiden: "Guess so."
Hakon: "Can you climb up?"
Aiden: "Sure. Give me a sec."
Hakon: "Hurry. We're running out of time."
(After failing to climb up)
Aiden: "I can't make it."
Hakon: "Wait, I've got an idea. Remember the cocktail I served you earlier? At the girls' workshop..."
Aiden: "Inhibitors."
Hakon: "Exactly. You fell to the first floor. There's some GRE storage down there... Look for white-green crates. Inhibitors should be inside. If you take another dose, you should get your strength back."
(After reaching the first floor and spotting a volatile)
Aiden: "We got company. A Volatile."
Hakon: "Don't move. You can't handle that."
Aiden: "I know. I've seen this fucker... Phewww... It ran off."
Hakon: "Try to go around it somehow."
(After taking the inhibitors)
Aiden: "Aghhh."
Hakon: "What's up?"
Aiden: "Took the inhibitor."
Hakon: "Fantastic. Go back to the elevator. I'm waiting."
(Upon being reunited with Hakon)
Hakon: "Let's hustle, Aiden. You were gone a whole. How you feeling?"
Aiden: "Infected, but good to go."
Hakon: "Hah. That's great. Sorry about this."
Aiden: "What? Sorry about what? Aaaargh!"
Hakon: "About that. On behalf of all its whores, bandits and idiots... I christen you a citizen of Villedor. Fuck... You're about to turn!"
Aiden: "WHAT?"
Hakon: "Get into the light! Fast!"
(Upon getting outside)
Hakon: "See? Told you they were speedy motherfuckers."
Aiden: "Hakon..."
Hakon: "That was close. What would you do without me, Pilgrim, huh?"
Aiden: "I never wanted to become a Pilgrim. Just sorta... fell into it. Roamed the country for another reason entirely. I'm looking for my sister."
Hakon: "And then what?"
Aiden: "Then?"
Hakon: "What'll you do once you find your sister?"

Aiden: "(Don't know yet.)"
Aiden: "(We'll settle down somewhere.) I'll find someplace for us to live. Someplace quiet. Gotta settle down somewhere, now that I'm infected."
Hakon: "Where will you go?"
Aiden: "Any place is better than this city."
Hakon: "Ha, well that's a pretty low bar."
Aiden: "I'll find a place where people aren't afraid of Pilgrims... Aren't afraid of me. It would be nice to not have to run and hide for a while. Always wanted to catch fish."
Hakon: "Fish are good... Well, I have a very specific plan."
Aiden: "You look like someone with a specific plan."
Hakon: "I'd like to live by the ocean. You know, it's supposed to be easier there. I always wanted to learn how to surf."
Aiden: "What, you find a bunch of old postcards or something?"
Hakon: "Don't laugh at my dreams, man! I know one thing. I have to get out of this city. It's killing me, right from the inside. Will you help me?"
Aiden: "The ocean's a long way from here. We're both infected... And people don't want Pilgrims for their neighbors."
Hakon: "Fuck people. I will help you with them. And you can help me survive on the road. You know the routes. You know how to survive out in the open. What do you think? We'll cover each other's asses. How does that sound?"
Aiden: "(Deal.) Okay. Let's do it."
Hakon: "Awesome. Deal! You won't regret this, Aiden. I promise!"
Aiden: "(We'll see.) We'll see. For now, I'm a long way from my goal. Until that changes, I can't help you."
Hakon: "I understand. Fine."
"As for your goal... Here's the situation around here: After the PK commander was murdered, they blocked the route to the Center. They're trying to keep the killer from escaping. To get to Fish Eye, we have to outsmart them. But I know when they change the night guard. That will be our chance. Gonna get the stuff we'll need for the passage. I have to suss out our odds. Meantime, take a look around. Live a little. C'mon, let me show you something."
Show: The Only Way Out

Hakon: "Aiden? How's it been, kid? Got a taste for city life yet?"
Aiden: "I've been here and there."
Hakon: "You know, the best parties always happen in the Center. And that's where we're going! I have a plan for how to get there. I'll tell you everything on the spot. Meet me on the roofnear the main metro station."
(On the roof near the Main Terminal Station)
Aiden: "Hakon?"
Hakon: "You're a better climber than one crazy girl I used to know... Haha... She was something... She even wanted to climb the tallest building in the city. The VNC Tower."
Aiden: "Was she one of your wives?"
Hakon: "Almost. Too hot-tempered... Even for my tastes."
Aiden: "What about this passage to the center?"
Hakon: "Right. Look, from this roof, you can clearly see the Peacekeepers' base."

Aiden: "(Peacekeepers run the city?) So the PK run the city?"
Hakon: "They sure think they do. That's what they need the uniforms and ranks for. They tattoo them. They're fucking obsessed with hierarchy. But they don't control the city. At least not all of it."
Aiden: "Who controls the rest?"
Hakon: "The Colonel. The Renegades. You won't meet them here. For now..."
Aiden: "(What's next?) So you brought me here, to take a look at the Peacekeepers?"
Hakon: "The PK are your ticket to the Center. I told you the only way to get there is through the metro tunnels. I'll go inside and draw their attention away from the platform. Then, you enter the metro technical station. There is an airlock there - we'll take it together to the Central Loop."
Aiden: "So we can't just ask them to let me through?"
Hakon: "No chance. Right now, each new face they see belongs to a suspect in their commander's murder. They know me. I trade with them sometimes... I deliver lamps from the girls, or goods from dark zones. There might be a few infected there. Nothing a Pilgrim can't handle, though. When you get to the main station, let me know. Now you'd better get some sleep. You'll head out at night. When there's less infected in the tunnels."

(After spotting a bolter)
Aiden: "Hakon... There's a creature I haven't seen before."
Hakon: "What does it look like?"
Aiden: "Not a big one... extremely fast..."
Hakon: "Probably a bolter. You can find some interesting stuff on them. But catching one requires serious hunting skills. Now's not the best time for this, Aiden. Head for the tunnels."
(Upon entering the tunnel)
Aiden: "I'm in the tunnel."
Hakon: "Okay. Now watch out for the Infected. There might be a few... Or a few dozen. I'm already in the PK base. I'll throw a UV flare through the vent and you'll see how to get to the main station."
(Upon reaching the flare)
Aiden: "Hakon? I got to the flare."
Hakon: "Look around. The technical tunnel to the main station should be well lit. I've already lured the guards upstairs. I'll chat 'em up while you get inside."
(When approaching the Peacekeeper base)
Hakon: "Hello, punks."
Brooks: "Hey. We're Peacekeepers. You'll adress us with respect."
Hakon: "Okay. With all due respect, what's that stench?"
Berislav: "The smell of honest sweat. No wonder you don't recognize it. So, what're you here for? Got new lamps for us?"
Hakon: "Not yet. Sarah and Jana said they're missing some parts. Now, if you uncorked the passage to the Center, they could--"
Brooks: "How 'bout you uncork your ass instead? Not gonna happen. Until we find Lucas's killer, they'll have to do their shopping at the Bazaar."
Hakon: "Okay. Treasure time. Look what I found in one of the apartments:"
Berislav: "A Bikini Contest 1998 calendar... Oh man! Now you're talking! Lemme see!"
Hakon: "Wait, wait, no free samples. I'm sellin' here."
Berislav: "How much do you want?"
Hakon: "And how many crystals do you have?"
Berislav: "Crystals?! You crazy?! I can give you two packs of cigarettes."
Hakon: "Believe me, it's worth it. Wait 'til you see what April showers bring, if you know what I mean..."
Brooks: "You believe this 'crystals' bullshit? Those fools at the Bazaar are superstitious."
(While climbing through the ventilation shaft)
Hakon: "Do you know the difference between an intelligent Renegade and a sasquatch?"
Berislav: "Well?"
Hakon: "A sasquatch has actually been sighted!"
Brooks: "Renegades. More like degenerates."
(Near the end of the ventilation shaft)
Berislav: "I'll give you two packs and not a single cig more."
Hakon: "Meh. Never mind then. Bye."
Berislav: "Wait! Show us some of those photos. As a preview."
Hakon: "I said--oh what the hell. January!"
Berislav: "Three packs. My final offer."
(Upon entering the metro station)
Aiden: "Hakon? I'm inside."
Hakon: "Five packs. Think about it and I'll be right back."
Aiden: "I'm on the platform."
Hakon: "Open the airlock. I'll be there in a second."
(After Aitor's interrogation)
Aiden: "Hakon? You there?"
Hakon: "Aiden, buddy. Good you're alive!"
Aiden: "Yeah, I got caught and questioned."
Hakon: "Good. They didn't kill you. Meet me outside."
(Outside the Main Terminal Station)
Hakon: "Come on, tell me all about it. So... what did they want from you?"

Aiden: "(Why were you gone?) If you'd been there like you said you'd be..."
Hakon: "Whoa, whoa...! I did my best. I didn't know there was anyone else in the tunnel. Lucas's death is a big deal. They loved this motherfucker like a father. Aitor doesn't have Lucas's charisma. He's gonna have problems."
Aiden: "(Aitor asked me to help him.) Aitor said he might let me through to the Center. If I help him..."
Hakon: "What?! What are you supposed to help him with?"
Aiden: "He wants me to find Lucas's weapon, the Lazarus. Went missing from the crime scene. He believes finding it will help find the killer."
Hakon: "The Lazarus, huh? Fancy set of brass knuckles, right? I know a guy who trades stolen goods and other shit he gets from thieves."
Aiden: "A fence?"
Hakon: "Part-time fence, full-time scammer. An artless one, too... he's got half the city after him for debts right now. If anyone in Villedor is fool enough to buy a Peacekeeper weapon, it'd be him."
Aiden: "What's his name?"
Hakon: "Hubert Kerbatsos. Also known as Half-Assed Hubie... Every day he sets up shop in the nearby windmill and waits for customers. Prolly selling booze and weed to the PKs. If you want to find the Lazarus, talk with Hubie. I'll chase down some other leads."
Aiden: "Okay. Let's keep in touch."

(While chasing Hubert)
Aiden: "Hakon! He's running away!"
Hakon: "Heh... sounds like Hubie! Wait a sec... I see him. Asshole's running to the northeast.."
(After losing Hubert)
Aiden: "Hakon? He's not here."
Hakon: "Impossible! I saw him right there! That little weasel must be hiding. Look around. Wait! I see him! He's climbing! See that GRE building?! He's climbing to the roof!"
(After interrogating Hubert)
Aiden: "Hakon? Hubert says someone tried to sell him the Lazarus. Do you know a Maya?"
Hakon: "No... Strange because I thought I knew all the women here."
Aiden: "I'm headed to Meatpacking Square."
Hakon: "Meatpacking Square? Fucked up place. There are some barracks there the army set up in '23 when shit went south."
Aiden: "She's supposed to be in one of the buildings that overlook them."
Hakon: "Okay. Stay in touch, bro."
(After obtaining the Lazarus)
Aiden: "Hakon... I have the Lazarus."
Hakon: "Cool. Get your ass to Aitor with it. It'll make the perfect birthday present for him. Though I have no idea when that prick was born. I'll be near the Metro Station."
Aiden: "Okay."
(After speaking to Aitor)
Hakon: "Aiden? Still alive?"
Aiden: "Worried about me, are you?"
Hakon: "Of course! I have high hopes for you, Aiden. Meet me outside."
(Upon meeting Hakon)
Aiden: "Aitor wants me to find Lucas's murderer. Only then will he help me get to the Center."
Hakon: "Doing his dirty work? Well, that's no surprise."
Aiden: "He told me to start with the Bazaar."
Hakon: "Figures. PK and the Bazaar really hate each other. Only two people matter at the Bazaar. One's that overblown preacher, Carl."
Aiden: "I know that. Who else is there?"
Hakon: "Sophie. His right hand. She has a way with the Bazaar's more rebellious souls. Helps him keep control. There's also Dodger, a local gangster. He knows what's going on.. And about the bandits led by Joe. But they're afraid of the PK."
Aiden: "Okay, I'll talk to Sophie and you look into Carl. Unless... you prefer the girl."
Hakon: "Sophie... she's not really my type, you know. And headstrong? Geez! You'll see."


Markers of Plague[]

  • "Hey! This way. Big building, huh? The GRE took over quite a few of these for drug research. When it all got fucked, they grabbed research volunteers. They paid them loads of money. And what was the result? A load of shit..."
  • "Just a little more. We don't have much time. Stay close to me."
  • "Here... you'll need these. Take a look around the city. Old Villedor... plenty of interesting spots to check out."
  • "See the church? That's were the Howlers were after us. It's the center of the district. You can find notice boards with missing people around the city. One of them is near the church. Maybe, somehow, you'll find something about your sister there. And if not... just have fun. The world's already ended, right? How could things get any worse? I'll be back in touch when I've got a handle on things."

The Only Way Out[]

  • "Aiden. Come on, I'm on the roof next to the metro."

Death(s) (Determinant)[]

Killed By[]

If Aiden decides to fight Hakon in the church, they will engage in combat, with the Renegades assisting Hakon, but he will be beaten in combat. Hakon then attempts to kill Aiden once more to take the key from him, forcing Aiden to finish him off.

If Aiden initially refuses to fight, Lawan will arrive after the fight and decide to kill Hakon herself. If Aiden does not stop her or allows her to kill him, Lawan will shoot him in the chest with a bolt, with Hakon painfully dying from the wound.


  • Hakon's appearance is modeled off real life parkour expert David Belle, who also helped the Dying Light team with motion capture for various parkour moves.
  • During the Hooked on the Thrill side quest, the quest giver, Sam, mentions that the parkour course was once used by a Nightrunner to test the recruits' skills with the grappling hook. He fails to recall the Nightrunner's name correctly, calling him Hassan, then Hakkan, though he likely means Hakon.
  • During the last phase of Hakon's boss fight it's possible to inflict such a significant amount of damage to him that, depending on how the player lands the finishing blow, Hakon will wind up horrifically injured, his head caved in or even decapitated which would both realistically kill an actual person and is some of the ways enemies in the game can be killed. Rather humorously however, despite how Hakon is defeated in any of the ways mentioned the cutscene that plays after beating him will show Hakon alive and with none of the lasting damage done to him.