Quest Source Dawud in The Tower (after completing First Assignment
Quest Type Side Quest
Objectives *Obtain Pistol
*Speak to Dawud and receive the Pawn Shop Key
*Loot the Pawn Shop
*Speak to Salma
Reward 3,500 Survivor XP
Next Lost in Space

Gunslinger is a side quest available in Dying Light. It is given by Dawud. To do the Quest it is easiest to loot every police van you see, and hope you find a gun. You could also give the first military rifle you get from a story mission to him, as it is easy to find a lot more not that much further in the story. A German 9mm Pistol can also be found in a house in the southern region of town. Edit: Current attempt at Gunslinger requires that you give him a pistol, not a military rifle.

Some time after reaching Old Town Dawud will be heard over the radio saying that he's been bitten and will request someone to save his child. After finding the child he'll be returned to The Tower, where a reward can be collected from Dawud's wife, Salma


Dawud, one of the Tower survivors, wants to get his family out of the slums, but he needs a gun so he can reach the exit point. In return, he's offered me the key to his pawn shop. That could be a bounty.

Objective icon.png
Find Dawud a gun
I gave Dawud a gun, and now I've got the keys to his pawnshop. Hope it was worth the trouble. Also, need to find a Ray McCall action figure for Dawud's kid.

Objective icon.png
Search Dawud's pawnshop for Ray McCall figure
I've got the doll. Now I just need to bring it back to Dawud's kid.

Objective icon.png
Bring the doll to Dawud
Something's gone wrong. Dawud grabbed his son and fled the Tower. Apparently, he shot someone on the way out. I wonder if this doll hunt was just a diversion to get me out of the way.

Objective icon.png
Return to the Tower and find out what happened
Dawud was gone when I came back. He's abandoned his wife, kidnapped his son, and apparently escaped from the Slums. And I'm at least partly to blame. I've promised Salma to get her son back. But I have no leads to pursue Dawud, so I'll have to let this go for now. It's a small city. Sooner or later, I'll find a lead.


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