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This article is about Grappling Hook (item). You may be looking for Grappling Hook (skill).

The Grappling Hook is piece of equipment in Dying Light.

The Grappling Hook is granted to the player once they unlock and purchase the Grappling Hook skill in the Survivor skill tree. It requires the player to be at level 12.

The Grappling Hook can attach to most surfaces and allows the player to traverse the world with much more speed and ease. Once used the hook will pull Crane directly to its target, without the use of any physics. Its range is finite but not specified. The hook uses a custom, dynamic crosshair that reacts to whatever surface it is painted over. The crosshair will stick to the lips of ledges or valid surfaces notifying the player of its exact point of attachment if used. If the crosshairs are wide open the grappling hook cannot be used on that surface or at that distance. If the crosshairs tighten or stick to the surface that means you are within range and you are looking at a valid surface. If a grappling hook is dropped or lost it can be reclaimed by visiting the quartermaster, similar to the shield, although it is not craftable like the shield. It should be noted that players who do not have the skill cannot use the grappling hook even if they obtain one through a co-op partner.

It can be used to attack zombies with similar impact to a kick, if used on a toad it will pull the player towards it. The same technique can be used to blow up incoming bombers without getting too close or using other resources such as bullets or other throwing weapons. 

The hook has a cooldown between uses similar to the UV torch, it can be used a few times before the bar will go red and the player must wait for it to fully refill. This cooldown is reduced, along with its max uses before recharge increased once the player reaches survivor level 24.