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"Take this sparky little gem to a rave and you'll get thrown in jail. Lay it upside a zombie's head, on the other hand, and you've got yourself a show! (And some fire.)"
In-game description

Glowing Stick is a weapon modification available in Dying Light. It applies a small electricity effect and a small burning effect and can be used on Bats, Crowbars, Pipes, and Police Batons


Blueprint Requirements Effects
Glowing Stick
  • Bat
  • Crowbar
  • Pipe
  • Police Baton
  • Burning - Small
  • Electricity - Small


In The Slums, inside a brown bus on top of the railroad overpass in the western central Slums.

GameSpot Expert Reviews



  • It is an inferior version of both the Night Club or the Volatile Hunter Baton. As such, if the player possesses either of these DLCs, it is highly suggested not to acquire this blueprint besides completionist purposes