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"Since 2002 we trust in our ability to help the entire mankind"
GRE slogan

The Global Relief Effort, often abbreviated to GRE, or G.R.E., was an international humanitarian organization, established in the year 2002. The GRE was noted as being experienced in fighting outbreaks across the globe,[1] though it has been stated by one of their own researchers that their public face is a lie of epic proportions and that the GRE are instead heartless and liars.[2]

The organisation are the secondary antagonists of Dying Light following the revelation that they had intended to weaponize the Harran Virus. They also act as a major posthumous background antagonist in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, having been responsible for the creation of a new variant of the virus known as THV.

Harran Virus[]

In the early days of the Harran Virus, the GRE created a poster for the Harran City Website on how to combat flu symptoms, as the government of Harran believed the virus to have been a flu.[3] When infection rates continued to increase, the GRE was among the international specialists invited to the extraordinary congress of doctors in Harran, in part because of its experience in dealing with viral outbreaks.[1] Later research by Dr Jonathan Barto of the GRE led to the belief that the virus may have come into Harran through the food supply, as the person believed to have been Patient Zero for the virus failed to infect other people before his death. Because of the low numbers of early infected, air or water contamination was considered unlikely.[4] In contrast, some people instead believed that the GRE itself was responsible for the outbreak of the Harran Virus,[5] or at least was involved with the people responsible for its existence.[6]

A few weeks after the virus had caused an epidemic in Harran, a field hospital was established at the Harran Stadium, where those showing symptoms were treated with medication by the GRE which would later become Antizin.[7] As infection levels kept rising, and new centers of the disease kept appearing, the Ministry of Defense placed the Old Town district of Harran under quarantine, with the operation being carried out by a combined GRE- and military effort. After the quarantine was established, only patients and medical personell remained in Old Town, with the GRE also establishing a laboratory in the district, which would become the Forever Foundation.[8]

When the military took control over Harran under the command of Kadir Suleiman, the army gained full power to execute directives given to them by the Global Relief Effort. A strict curfew was enforced, with severe punishments also being put in place for those showing sign of disobedience.[9] When the GRE failed to evacuate Suleiman's brother, Suleiman's moral compass broke as he started abusing his authority,[10] showing monstrous behavior and failing to protect the GRE scientists he was supposed to look after.[11] After the city was largely lost to the infected, the GRE kept dropping airdrops with Antizin into Harran to keep the survivors alive, while the military insisted on a more radical action to take out the virus, as they planned to annihilate the city instead.[12] The GRE also started publishing the GRE Support tv broadcast, aimed to inform and warn the people of the virus.[13] Eventually it was decided to prevent the virus from spreading out of Harran to seal all passages through the quarantine wall and isolate the city.[14]

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Antizin Development[]

Antizin development started rather quickly after the outbreak, with patients already being administered its prototype at the field hospital of Harran Stadium only a couple weeks after the epidemic in Harran was announced. Despite the short timeframe, development of the medicine was already nearing completion.[7] After the Old Town district of Harran was placed under quarantine, the GRE estalished a laboratory inside the Forever Foundation, where the final tests of Antizin were to be carried out.[8]

After passing the initial laboratory tests, the GRE needed test subjects to further their research for a cure. To promote volunteering, the Ministry of Defense of Harran offered financial rewards and medical treatment for those who participated. Participation would take place through volunteers registering at the Global Relief Effort website.[15] When Antizin development was finally completed, Harran itself was plunged into chaos.[16] Shortly after its completion, the GRE cooperated with several pharmaceutical manufacturers to ramp up production of Antizin so it could meet the needs of the Harran populace. The previous-sent airdrops would from this point onward also contain Antizin and detailed instruction for proper dosage of the suppressant. The GRE recommendation to amputate limbs to prevent the onset of the virus was now also no longer recommended.[17] As over usage of Antizin was not more effective than using it in the recommended dose, the GRE emphasized using the recommended dose in their support broadcasts.[13]

Events of Dying Light[]

Some time after the outbreak and quarantine of the city of Harran, the GRE sent out Kyle Crane as a field agent to retrieve a sensitive file from Kadir Suleiman which, according to the GRE, held cure research data as well as a full description of the virion structure. The data, if published in its incomplete state, could have been extremely toxic according to the GRE. To prevent Suleiman from publishing the data the GRE instituted a city-wide communication jam.[18]

After Crane was bitten, he met Dr. Imran Zere, who worked on his own cure research. Upon reporting this to the GRE, Crane obtained a secondary objective to obtain all of Zere's research data, while the priority remained on the stolen file.[19] Not long thereafter, the GRE concluded that, based on Crane's reports, the warlord "Rais" may have been their contact Suleiman. Since Crane was cooperating with Harris Brecken, a leader of a survivor group, the GRE ordered Crane to destroy an Antizin shipment to force an interaction with Rais on which Crane could go as an ambassador. Hesitant to comply because the people of Brecken's Tower were in desperate need of Antizin, Crane complies with the GRE and destroys the shipment.[20]

After some strained and forced cooperation with Rais, the GRE learns that Rais is definitely Suleiman. The contact between the GRE and Crane deteriorated shortly thereafter, as the GRE prioritized everything on the file and refused to resume airdrops with Antizin because of political motivations.[21] After Crane finds out that Rais has captured Imran Zere, he goes to his headquarters to find the man, only to discover that the position of the GRE has been diminished and that the Ministry of Defense has taken over their position. When Crane is later ambushed by Rais's men after attempting to rescue Imran Zere, Rais orders the publication of the file, something which became possible because Crane activated the antennas of Harran during his cooperation with Rais. Rais reveals that the file itself did not contain any cure data, but instead plans to weaponize the virus, indicating that they were only interested in profit and not in saving lives.[22]

Not long after the GRE file was published did the file reach newscasts. It was reported that the file, if verified as belonging to the GRE, would implicate them in a far-reaching criminal conspiracy. The file's publishing resulted in world-wide backlash against the GRE.[23] In an attempt to save face, the GRE contacted Crane again after he had made a broadcast to the world that there were still survivors in Harran. They tried to get Crane to deliver Zere's research to them, but Crane was hesitant.[24] While Crane was busy working with Allen Camden, Rais made contact with the GRE and promised them the part of Dr. Zere's research that he was able to obtain in return for extraction,[25] forcing Crane to go after him in order to prevent the Ministry from bombing Harran.[26]

Cure Research[]

Doctors Imran Zere and Allen Camden were originally employed by the GRE to perform research on the cure, being paid quite handsomely. After being seperated, Zere continued his research in the Courtyard from Slums district of Harran while Camden continued research in the Forever Foundation’s facility from Old Town.[11] Zere had been running tests on both Antizin and infected tissue and concluded that a cure was definitely possible.[27] Following a test on some Bolter tissue, Imran Zere concluded that some experimental bait he left out for the infected had an effect and may have played a part in cure research.[28]

An unspecified amount of time after the outbreak of the Harran Virus, multiple virologists and doctors worked together with the GRE, and were able to create a vaccine against the Harran Virus. Saving mankind from the threat of a worldwide pandemic.[29]

THV development and outbreak[]

Despite the success of the vaccine and the promise by the GRE to quit experimentation and research. Some of their laboratories remained operational in secret. Here, the GRE continued their research on weaponizing the Harran Virus for intended military purposes. Due to negligence, exposure, and possible sabotage a new strain of the Harran Virus, eventually dubbed as the Tachytransmissive Harran Virus (THV), was released into the world[29] from a GRE Laboratory near Geneva.[30] Research on this variant may have been ongoing as early as 2015 - only a year after the original outbreak of the Harran Virus - as the GRE worked in collaboration with the Big Pharma group Vitaminn to find a deadly biological weapon.[31]

The first cases of the new variant were reported in Zurich (Switzerland) and Paris (France) on the 20th of October 2021, after which the plague spread like wildfire. Because THV was deadly and highly transmissible, the Head Doctor of the GRE, Dr. Kobayashi Katsumi, recommended immediate action in the form of closing borders and suspending civilian air- and rail services. It was also recommended to isolate suspected infected individuals, to place those they had come in contact with under quarantine, and to incinerate the bodies of the dead. The GRE had already started working on a new vaccine in cooperation with private sector companies.[32]

As of the 19th of December of 2021, it had turned out that the THV strain turned out to be more contagious than previously known. Antizin had, much like during the original virus outbreak, proven to be reliable in stopping the spread of the virus. In contrast to the original variant, however, the spread of THV was also preventable by using UV Light, though it did not eliminate the virus from the body. Despite these discoveries, Dr. Katsumi believed that at its rate, the THV variant would have infected half of humanity in only a few weeks. As such, the GRE recommended the outlawing of any business not deemed an essential service, gatherings of more than four people not from the same household, and the outlawing of free movement by any civilians barring first responders or essential workers.[33]

On the 24th of January, 2023, the GRE reported that the pandemic was getting worse, as the rates of infected individuals kept climbing and the mortality rate increased. The GRE had to start making immediate and radical decisions, so they started operating at the very heart of events.[34] One year later, in 2024, the sole city left standing was Villedor. The GRE continued research on THV there in controlled circumstances.[35]

Events of Dying Light 2 Stay Human[]

By the time Aiden Caldwell arrives in Villedor the GRE is shown to be effectively defunct as many of their labs by this time had become completely overrun by the infected, with it not being known if the entire organisation has fallen or just the group of doctors stationed in the city. The only former GRE doctors still shown to be alive in the city are Vincent Waltz, the man that had experimented on Aiden 15 years prior to his arrival, and Veronika Ryan. Who is shown to be acting as the main doctor for the Survivors of the bazaar. Although rumors and notes insist that the GRE is still active, and may have a new plan for the world.[citation needed]

Notable GRE Personnel[]


Dying Light[]

  • The GRE logo appears in the intro and in the TV in the Tower Headquarters as well as on GRE crates (hard lock) in quarantine zones.
  • Agent Kyle Crane (Former, dead / Volatile in The Following's endings).
  • Agent Amir Ghoreyshi (Former, dead).
  • The Pilot just before Crane skydives.
  • Box that contains Korek Machete Blueprint.
  • The woman on the radio that Crane reports to, in subtitles referred to as "GRE".
  • The helicopter in the finale.
  • The C-130 Hercules planes that airdrop Antizin, food, meds, flares, weapons (e.g. DIY grenades) and DROPs.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human[]

  • Former GRE staff can be found as infected in various GRE locations.
  • Former GRE laboratories serve as dark zones, and volatile hives.

Dying Light Broadcasts[]

Broadcasts from the GRE can be viewed in Brecken's room, each of them serving as information to the public. The following are the broadcasts written in text, with the headlines of each broadcast in bold

  • "REMEMBER KIDS! DON'T GO OUT AFTER DARK! This is the GRE TV support broadcast. Are the infected still considered people, and if so, what rights do they have? It's a simple question with a complicated answer. Legally, all infected are considered living people, with all the rights and privileges of any Harranie citizen."
  • "!ZOMBIE BITES! see something! say something! But that means they must abide by all the same laws and restrictions. Any infected attempting to attack an individual is breaking the law, and you have the right to defend yourself, including using lethal force if it's required."
  • "LOUD NOISES ATTRACT ZOMBIES BE QUIET OR YOU'LL BUY IT! However, your right to defend yourself does not allow for random or unprovoked attacks against infected. If you engage in such attacks, you can and will be prosecuted. The infected are your friends, your neighbors and your family. Treat them with respect--unless they attack you."
  • "A GOOD ZOMBIE... ...IS A DEAD ZOMBIE! This is the GRE TV support broadcast. Antizin is the only known treatment for controlling the onset of symptoms associated with the Harran epidemic. Vitamin, mineral and herbal remedies are not effective. Do not use them in place of Antizin. The GRE is working to provide a steady and reliable supply of Antizin to support the needs of Harran citizens. However, production and distribution difficulties can disrupt the normal supply times. Use Antizin as needed, but do not over use it. There is no health benefit from consuming quantities greater than those currently prescribed. Remember, Antizin is a treatment. Not a cure. Stay tuned to this station for more information updates. Global Relief Effort."
  • "REMEMBER KIDS! !AIM FOR THE HEAD! Stay tuned to this station for more information updates."


Show: Awakening

Crane: "Crane here."
GRE: "Where were you? We've been waiting for your report. It's been over 70 hours."
Crane: "Lost my radio for a while. Don't worry, my cover's intact. No contact with the Tower's leader yet. Unable to confirm identity. I'm taking steps to blend in."
GRE: "Acknowledged. Time is of the essence, Crane. Remember that."
Crane: "There's one more thing. I... got bitten. I've shown no symptoms, but the people here say I'm infected."
GRE: "...Then you'd better get your hands on some Antizin ASAP, hadn't you?"
(The call is interrupted by shouting)
Survivor: "Help! HELP! Somebody!"
Crane: "What the hell?"

Show: First Assignment

Crane: "Crane here."
GRE: "Report."
Crane: "Okay, I met this doctor. A scientist type. They've got him set up in a sort of research trailer, and he's working on a cure for the virus. His name is Zere. ... Hello? Do you copy?"
GRE: "Affirmative. Secondary objective added. Maintain your cover, and secure all of his research. Acknowledge."
Crane: "Your stolen file still takes top priority, though, right?"
GRE: "Affirmative. We find it unlikely that a single researcher working out of a "trailer" could produce any significant results. But if he does, we want to see it."

Show: Airdrop

Crane: "Crane here."
GRE: "Report."
Crane: "I'm about to have a meeting with the Tower's leader."
GRE: "Acknowledged. Confirm his identity and contact us immediately."

After having spoken to Brecken and going to the contact point:

Crane: "Crane here."
GRE: "Report."
Crane: "The Tower boss is named Brecken, and he's definitely not your man. The other likely suspect is this... warlord, basically. Local guy, calls himself Rais. He's hoarding Antizin and then gouging the hell out of anybody who wants to buy some. I'm on a mission to get Antizin from the air drop. If I don't succeed, they'll have to come up with something else."
GRE: "Acknowledged. Good job, Crane. You're doing well. Stay on task and we'll be in touch. Be sure to call us immediately if and when you get that Antizin."

Upon reaching the Antizin supply:

Crane: "Crane here. I'm about to recover an Antizin drop."
GRE: "Good, Crane. This offers us a new strategy. Time to turn your attention to Rais. Listen closely. It's very possible that Rais is our man. So if you find an airdrop containing Antizin, destroy it."
Crane: "What?? Why?"
GRE: "It will force interaction with Rais. You can go under Brecken's auspices. As an ambassador, if you will."
Crane: "But-there are civilians depending on this stuff..."
GRE: "Our plan is focused on the greater good. Remember that."

Show: Pact with Rais

Crane: "Crane."
GRE: "Report."
Crane: "Just met Rais. There's no quesiton: that's Suleiman. Guy's a psychopath. He's gone from ruthless politician to fucking warlord."
GRE: "Is he aware of your affiliation with us?"
Crane: "No. He thinks I'm just a guy from the Tower. In fact he's making me jump through hoops before he'll give me any Antizin."
GRE: "Acknowledged. Continue to do as he asks. Remember, we need that file."
Crane: "Great. Crane out."

After getting the mission to collect protection money:

Crane: "Crane here."
GRE: "Report."
Crane: "Another job for Rais. This one's pretty dirty. He's forcing me to collect the money he's extorting from a nearby village."
GRE: "Just do what he asks and stay close to him. Remember what's at stake."
Crane: "Yeah... Crane out."

After getting some Antizin from Rais:

Crane: "Crane here."
GRE: "Report."
Crane: "I'm no longer cooperating with Rais. He wanted me to kidnap Jade Aldemir and dump her with him, so he can make her fight in his pit."
GRE: "Yes? And? Was that it?"
Crane: "What do you mean, "Was that it?" I'm not a fucking human trafficker!"
GRE: "You seem to have forgotten how much is riding on this file, Crane. If Rais wants one girl, then give her to him. You'll be there to keep an eye on her, won't you?"
Crane: "What the-how can you-what the FUCK kind of humanitarian outfit are you guys? And for that matter, if this project can "save the world", why keep it a fucking secret?"
GRE: "We're not paying you to be insubordinate, Crane. GET THIS DONE."
Crane: "(Under his breath) Oh, fuck you, asshole."

After delivering the Antizin and getting to the roof:

Crane: "This is Crane. Do you copy?"
GRE: "What do you want, Crane?"
Crane: "I want you to start the Antizin drops again! At least near the Tower. These people need help."
GRE: "We put you in Harran to find our file, not to play Mother Teresa... Or does this mean you've reconsidered Rais's proposal? Perhaps Ms. Aldemir would even be willing to cooperate. Test her skills in a new environment."
Crane: "You start giving us some Antizin, and then... then we'll talk about what Rais wants."
GRE: "Oh, it's "us" now, is it? Well, I'm afraid your request is out of the question in any case. Things have gotten a bit... strained with the Ministry. Resuming the airdrops would not be politically advantageous at the moment."
Crane: "You assholes take the fucking cake, you know that? You and your fucking "file". I'll locate the file for you. But I'm gonna take a good long look at it before I decide what to do about it."

Show: The Pit

Crane: "Crane here. I could REALLY use some GRE support right now."
GRE: "That's too bad, Agent Crane. This is the Ministry of Defense."
Crane: "The fuck-? What the hell is going on? What happened to the GRE?"
GRE: "The Global Relief Effort's position here has been... diminished. We are in charge now, and we have declared Harran a Code One Target Zone."
Crane: "Wait, wait, wait... Just hang on! You can't just carpet-bomb this place! There are still hundreds of innocent people in here! Maybe thousands!"
GRE: "Irrelevant. We're doing this to protect BILLIONS of lives. Surely you can understand that."
Crane: "Okay, okay - just listen! There's this scientist in here named Zere, and he's been doing research on a cure! And he's really close! I've seen the research! If you bomb the city..."
GRE: "... Acknowledged. The chances of one scientist in a wrecked city coming up with useful results are negligible at best, but... you have 48 hours."

Show: Broadcast

Crane: "Oh, that was too close..."
GRE: "Crane? Is that you? Do you copy?"
Crane: "The hell do you want?"
GRE: "We want to offer you a chance to get out of that horrible place."
Crane: "Oh yeah? And why would you do that? I never found out who had your precious file. You don't even have to pay the rest of my fee."
GRE: "Water under the bridge, Kyle! We're best off just to move past that. All you need to do is bring Dr. Zere's research with you, and we'll send a nice, safe helicopter to extract you."
Crane: "... You realize, I know what was in the file. I know you were going to exploit the virus."
GRE: "Crane-"
Crane: "Oh my GOD. You need the cure now for SPIN, don't you? That's the only way you could get out of this - try to convince everyone you were looking toward a cure the whole time!"
GRE: "Don't be ridiculous, Crane. Bring us the research and everything will be fine."
Crane: "You want the research? Then just fucking wait for my signal."

Show: Extraction

Crane: "What do you want?"
GRE: "Rais already told us he had that dead scientist's data. All we're interested in is the cure. We're offering you a chance, here! Get the rest of the research and come with us!"
Crane: "I can think of a lot of reasons to tell you to go fuck yourself, but why don't we pretend for a minute that you DON'T think I'm stupid? You need the cure. It's here, in the city... somewhere. And as long as it is, you won't try to pull any Ministry-style bullshit."
GRE: "Crane, why do you even GIVE a fuck what happens to these people? You don't belong here! This is just a job for you!"
Crane: "Not anymore, it's not... I'll be in touch when I've decided what to do next."


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