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Gerritsen is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light[]

She is a survivor residing within the Black Serpent Bazaar.

When approached by Kyle Crane, she reveals that she initially travelled to Harran with her father and sister for the Global Athletics Games as a graduation gift. She is a big fan of Jade Aldemir and her kickboxing career and looked forward to watching her in the games. However, when the outbreak occurred, the sirens caused a stampede of people and Gerritsen witnessed her sister fall and get devoured by infected.

Following this interaction, Gerritsen soon leaves the Safe Zone and her status and whereabouts are unknown.

GameSpot Expert Reviews


Gerritsen: "Wow... you get to work with her, don't you?"
Crane: "I'm sorry? Work with who?"
Gerritsen: "Jade Aldemir! The Scorpion! God, she is SO AWESOME. She's the... the whole reason why I came to Harran..."
Crane: "You came here to see Jade?"
Gerritsen: "Wow, you're on a first-name basis with her? That's... I would just DIE. Wow. But yeah... she was supposed to compete in the Global Games, y'know?"
Crane: "Oh –– I didn't realize that."
Gerritsen: "Yeah. She is SUCH an amazing kickboxer. People used to say she was like the female Chung Le. She's the reason I started training, y'know? I wanted to be just like her. And then my dad got me and my sister tickets to the Games, for my graduation present. And we came here, and... My sister... right after all the sirens started going off, and the soldiers showed up in the streets... we were trying to get to a safe spot, and she tripped and fell. I didn't realize it for a few seconds –– I kept running –– and she didn't make a sound, 'cause it knocked the wind out of her, and then I realized she wasn't with me and turned around. They were... all over here... I couldn't even see her for... all the biters. But I've been thinking to myself, ever since then, how would the Scorpion handle this? And... and I've been trying to be brave. When you see her again, would you tell her... one of her biggest fans says "Hi?""
Crane: "I will. Definitely."


  • A body identical to her can be found South East of the Fisherman's village as an Easter egg, having thrown herself from the cliffs above onto the rocks at the waters edge. Her belongings placed in a neat pile at the top of the cliff. The body can be found even before meeting Gerritsen, which confirms that the she wasn't the one who died of cliff jumping. Additionally, according to Dying Light Developer Tools NPC asset list, there're also two other characters named Cecelia or Cecilia, who share the same model as her. The only difference is that Cecelia has long pants instead of the short denim shorts as worn by both Gerritsen and Cecilia.
  • It is possible to meet Gerritsen after having already finished the game.
    • Even if spoken to prior to the death of Jade, Crane will never bring up Gerritsen despite promising to do so.