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"Gassed Up" is a side quest available in Dying Light.

Gas has turned off all around the city and your job is to turn it back on. A survivor named Jeff knows the system but he has moved out of the tower. He now lives in a reinforced building called Fort Jefferson. When you go to him he says he turned off the gas to do things to his fort. He says that you have to turn the 3 valves to get the gas back on. After doing that he will send you to the central pumps to turn off some pumps. You go back to his fortress and he activates his defense system. His fort blows up and that completes the mission.

Don't forget to check his ruins for the free double barrel shotgun.


The gas has shut off all over the city, including at the Tower. A survivor named Jeff knows the system, but he moved out of the tower and now lives in a reinforced building somewhere behind the train station. He's our best shot at getting the gas back on. 

  • Find Jeff's fortress behind the train station
  • Talk to Jeff
Jeff shut off the city gas supply so he could install a building defense system he calls the Apocalypse Wall. Once I open the distribution gates, Jeff will open the main pressure valve and restore gas to the city.
  • Open the valve in the tunnel
  • Open the valve under the overpass
  • Open the valve near the train bridge
  • Open the primary distribution gate
Opening the last gate has set off a chain reaction. I have to close the valves on the Blue Line, or the pipes are going to burst.
  • Escape the explosion area
  • Close the Blue Line valves
They are all closed. Now, I have to return to Jeff to get him to open the main pressure valve.
  • Return to Jeff
  • Watch the Fort Jefferson Apocalpyse Wall from a safe distance
The gas has been restored, but Commander Jeff didn't make it. He'll be sorely missed.
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