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Freezing Throwing Stars are a throwing weapon in Dying Light.

Freezes ALL infected/humans on contact for a considerable duration. Frozen Virals and Humans can still dodge your attacks while frozen.

Very ineffective against Volatiles as they are frozen for less than 1 second. Stasis Field Grenades, however, prove to be a much more ideal alternative to preventing their movement.

Boomers still explode on contact, however their character models remain intact and can be searched and used for camouflage.

Freezing Biters and Virals will give the prompt for a Takedown from behind, however the prompt is unresponsive and cannot be completed throughout the duration of the freeze, this is likely an oversight. Humans, however, are vulnerable to Takedowns while frozen, unlike the infected.

Toads are killed with 2 of these.

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