The Flea SMG is a firearm in Dying Light introduced in The Following. It can be purchased from shops, found in loot caches and rarely, in the trunks of police sedans and vans.

One can be found in a crate at the water station, one in a crate sunk in the water next to the southwestern waterfall, and one in the military crates.


Exclusive in The Following expansion pack, it is initially rare find and can be more likely found and sold in shops.

As mentioned earlier, some Flea SMGs can be found in the Countryside. At the bandit-taken water station, it can be found in a crate. Another location for the Flea SMG is in a crate sunken in water next to a southwest waterfall, and the other location being in the military crates once unlocked.

Comparing to the Barrel SMG, it has a higher firepower and a lower rate of fire. Both however, contain the same amount of accuracy. The Flea SMG also has a higher value than the Barrel SMG for being sold in shops. The weapon functions in full-automatic, but can be used for semi-automatic purposes too by the means of tap-firing in single shots.

The iron sights on this feature a open ring rear sight with a notch/post on the front sight, allowing for a better sight picture whilst taking up slightly more peripheral vision than the sights on the Barrel SMG (which are a rear V with a front post sight configuration). 

As a result, firing whilst ADS/Aiming Down the Sight may be better with the Flea/Gnat SMG. At the same time for combat purposes, the two SMGs perform better in close-mid range combat and has effective use against bandits/Rais's gang members whereas something such as a Military Rifle or Police Rifle would see better use at longer ranges. 


There is only one variant of the Flea SMG in The Following.

Flea SMG
  • Golden Gnat SMG

Weapon Stats

Statistics Description
Firepower 137
Accuracy 55
Rate of Fire 64
Value $0


  • The Flea SMG appears to mostly resemble an IMI UZI with elements of a MP7 such as the stock. The SMG also appears to use the short-stroke pistol gas system with a lower rate of fire.
  • Prior to being included in The Following, the Flea SMG was called the Modern_SMG.45 in the files.
  • In pre-release videos for The Following, the weapon can be found in a crate inside a train boxcar.


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