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The Fish Eye Canteen is a location found in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


A beacon of hope during the heyday of the Nightrunners. Today, the Fish Eye remains a neutral meeting ground for all of Viledor, where you can socialize with Survivors and PK alike.


The Fish Eye Canteen, also known simply as "The Fish Eye", is a medium-sized trading and leisure outpost in New Dawn Park, a territory held by the Survivors. It features useful amenities such as a Store, Craftmaster, bed and storage space.

The complex of walkways, shacks and terraces features a lively bar and, although it is in Survivor territory and is built in the typical colorful and haphazard Survivor style, it is regarded as a meeting point for recreation and socialization for both Survivors and Peacekeepers, with the in-game description calling it a "neutral meeting ground for all of Villedor". This combined with its central position renders it a key location for the everyday life of the inhabitants of Central Loop and, to an extent, the city as a whole.

The structure itself is built on top of what was once a major public transit station that linked the bus network, underground metro lines and overground metro lines together.

During the quest A Place to Call Home, the Fish Eye Canteen comes under attack from the Renegades who attempt to use cannons to destroy the outpost. The Renegades are eventually repelled.